I forgot to pick a category

red shoes

This is me trying to get out of a rut. All I do is post cute pictures of Baby Bug and tell you something or other about how cute she is every day. She needs to stop it with this cuteness so I can blog about something else! I think I took about a hundred pictures of her doing cute things today. Don’t worry, I’ll probably blog about them tomorrow. I can’t stray too far from my rut.

I wore my red shoes from Paris today because I’m in a rut with my shoes too. I wear the same shoes every day. I was so afraid that these red flats were going to hurt my feet and give me blisters but no, they were fine. What was I so afraid of? Fashion or comfort? I have a whole closet full of shoes and I wear the same slip on runners every day. What happened to my style?

Baby Bug and I walked all over town and my feet were fine fine fine and my shoes even matched my shirt, imagine that.