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I’ve got a bee in my bonnet again. If I ever start an event planning company, I think I’m going to call it “Bee in a Bonnet”. It sounds lame but I could make it cool. I always call my crazy ideas a “bee in my bonnet” because that’s what they feel like to me. They buzz around my head in all different directions driving me crazy until I finally see them to fruition. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sometimes I’ll be in the shower thinking so hard about my latest idea, I’ll forget if I’ve shampooed my hair or not. So I’ll have to wash it again.

Right now there is something else that is louder than my bee in my head. It’s Baby Bug is in the other room crying her head off. It’s making it hard to concentrate especially since I’m supposed to be working when the babysitter is here, not writing a blog post. But as I said I have a bee in my bonnet and it’s buzzing so hard I have to let it out for just a quick break. But can I first just talk about Baby Bug and her latest separation anxiety attacks? Sheesh!

I think it’s normal but she has it bad right now. Every time the babysitter comes, she cries her head off and then for the rest of the day if I even leave the room she starts crying. I hate to see her so afraid but I think she needs to learn to trust other people especially people I tell it’s okay for her to trust. I know this is part of her development but it’s hard! I have such mixed feelings over it. My instinct just wants to cuddle her and make everything okay.

A lot of my friends make fun of me and tell me I spoil Baby Bug because I spend every waking minute with her. I didn’t get a babysitter until she was a year old and I still won’t leave her at night. That means no date nights for Toby and I but it’s not like we were very good at those anyway. I rock her to sleep every night. I think the only other person who could put her to sleep is my mom and that’s only because my mom rocks her and sings like I do. I probably shouldn’t bring this up on my blog because I’m sure there are a lot of people out there with really strong opinions contrary to mine about this. But maybe it’s okay to have some discussion. It’s something I worry about a lot.

Okay, done with the separation anxiety subject. On to my latest idea!

So…. some background first: Toby is turning forty this year. The big four-oh. Wowie Zowie! I think it’s cool. I think he should be proud of himself and party like it’s 1999. But no, he doesn’t want any kind of party. He’d be perfectly happy if I completely forgot that his birthday is on March 20th. How could I forget though? It’s the first day of spring! One of my favorite days! And he’s turning forty, this is such a big deal. The only thing bigger was when I turned thirty and I threw the biggest coolest Happy Lucky Chinese Birthday party ever. Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then because I would love nothing better than to link to some pictures and brag brag brag.

Anyway all this leads up to me wanting to plan a party. (roll eyes here) As you know I’m only allowed to throw one party a year, which is the stupidest rule ever but Toby has to put some limits on me or else I’d make us go bankrupt. This rule sucks because Baby Bug’s birthday party is already over and now I have to wait a whole year to plan the next one. Plus, I was thinking I should keep her birthdays low key because maybe babies don’t like crazy parties. (Ha! Who am I kidding? We’re probably going to have a blow out every year.)

Then I got to thinking that this year my birthday falls on a friday and the obvious day to throw a party would be the saturday after which is…………….. (drum roll here) ……..

Oh Seven Oh Seven Oh Seven!!!!! As in July 7th, 2007. How cool is that?! There are so many possibilities for a theme party here. It’s a secret agent’s dream come true! You’ve got the Double Oh Seven James Bond theme and then lucky seven Vegas style… I could cover my breakfast bar in tinfoil and serve chilled seven-up in martini glasses. We could play lounge music and dress up like cool cats from the sixties!!!! So fun!!!!

Except the part where everybody is sick of me throwing parties for myself. Hmph. I can’t throw myself another party. It’s just pathetic. But what can I do?!!! I can’t help it that my birthday is a day before the coolest day all year. I told Toby about my ideas for a 070707 party and guess what? He thought it was kinda cool too. So cool that he said I could throw his birthday party in July. What!!!! Is he serious? Or is he just trying to throw me off track so March 20th will come and go and I’ll leave him alone?

Obviously he’s underestimating the power of a bee in my bonnet.


  • Jamie

    I love the James Bond theme party idea! How cool! Also, I love the bee in the bonnet imagery. So much fun could be had with that.

    My youngest turns 2 March 12 and have I done one thing? NO! Eeek! My mother just volunteered to make her fabulous homemade chocolate sheet cake, though, so that is a very good thing.

  • Jenifer

    Gosh, I think it sounds like a FABU idea. I never even put the 007 concept together with that date. (I’m pretty sure I’m going to be invited to two different weddings that day.) I bet that you’d throw a great party that no one will forget, especially the date. Do you know how your going to do decorations and food? Or, is it top secret and can’t be revealed to the prying public?

  • JennB

    I love the idea of the party, and the idea of your new business. What’s holding you back? It’s all done via the interweb anyway… and you live in LA LA where there’s a lot of partying to be done!
    I just wish I could come to your 007 party. Secret Agent 007!

  • Sam

    How cool would it be if my baby came on 7/07/07? It would only be a week early! I would think it would be the luckiest baby, ever.

    I think it’s a great idea to move Toby’s party to July – especially if he’ll let you throw a party! And you can save your pennies for a few months and surely NOT go bankrupt. Maybe you should start your own party saving account! But being an event planner is a fabulous idea.

    As for the separation with Baby Bug, I think you’re right in that it’s time she spends some time with others. It will good for her in the long run, to develop those relationships, and good for you, too. But that’s just my opinion!

  • Angella

    That sounds like a GREAT thing. Cooler yet – 70707 is my sister’s 30th birthday, and I didn’t realize the cool date! Well, she was born 70777, which has always been cool. And you share the same birthday as my Dad :)

    As for the hubby party thing, Matthew turns 30 on March 26th and says he doesn’t want a big party, even though it’s a big one. He threw ME a big party for my 30th 2 years ago. I don’t know if he’s just saying he doesn’t want a party, or if he really doesn’t want one. I’ll just have to plan one anyway, since I don’t know if he’s bluffing.

    You should do a great double bash and show us how amazing it is! :)

  • Abbey

    FUN!!!! I say forget what everyone else says and THROW THAT PARTY!! I mean…really…you’ll NEVER get this 070707 chance again!

    You Must!! : )

    Would LOVE to see pics of this party!!

  • MomnPop

    I think you should be granted an exception to the one-party-per-year rule this year! That’s just too cool…so many important dates. I hadn’t realized about the 070707 date. Something must be done! And every Baby Bug birthday simply must be celebrated in style. Event planning seems like your destiny. Just don’t forget to wash your hair!

  • Kuky

    Well next time your friends make fun of you and how you spend every waking moment with Baby Bug, you can tell them you are not alone. My baby wasn’t left alone not even for a minute until she was 6 months old. Me or my husband was always around. I mean ALWAYS. She didn’t even sleep in her own crib. And still doesn’t. I’m even there when she’s napping (ok I nap with her). We’ve never left her with a babysitter. See you’re not alone. We have you beat. I spend every minute with my baby waking and sleeping.

    And I love the James Bond 070707 party idea! How very fun. And Toby must have a party for his birthday. FORTY!! That’s a big one. It cannot be forgotten.

  • irish mistery

    So if you’re only allowed one party a year, why don’t you celebrate next years now….you could hold a 41st b-day! The 07 sounds like a great party idea…from the looks of Baby B’s big day…you are definately high up on the expert chart!

  • DeeJay

    Super cool idea! Toby sounds like he really really loves you and probably gets a kick out of seeing you in your party planning bliss.

    I turned 40 in December and in all actuality I don’t feel a day over 39. hehe

  • Oopsy Daisy

    No,no, no, the Sevens party is a fab idea, but you have to dress up like the 70’s, not the 60’s. 70’s all the way. You should definately do the sevens party. you’ve got to come out with your Party Planning book soon you know. It would be a hit.

    My hubby’s 40th birthday is tomorrow. You could do what we did, go to Calif for his birthday. No…wait…you live there, that wouldn’t work. Ha ha.

  • Brittany

    I actually did a mini 007 James Bond thing for my new years party. We called it the 007 New Years Thunderball. We served “Dr. No”(cchi) with “Her Magesty’s Secret Service” Sauce, “You only live twice” baked potatos, and “Licensed to kill” you by chocolate dessert. Of course we also had martinis (shaken, not stirred) and champagne. We thought about having octopussy calamari and Thunder Spagetti and Meat Balls, but that was just was too much work.

    Feel free to use any of these ideas.

    Love 007 theme partys. I was so excited when I started law school that I was going to graduate in 007. No one else is as excited about the year as I am. LOL. I’m a nerd like that.

  • Alexa

    Delurking for this one. I have been reading for a while feel connected because my son Andrew was born on 1/20/06 so Baby bug is a week/few days older than he. But you are not the only one to spoil your baby!! Andrew has developed terrible anxiety/separation …I suppose..we live away from family and I have not been able to find a competent baby sitter..just can’t leave him to be attended by a 15 yr old! But I am checkin out Mothers morning out programs, maybe that will help a bit. Anyway, my son sleeps in my bed..hated the crib, we rock him to sleep too. I guess if he wanted to sleep on the floor I probably would allow that too. Not my mothers way of parenting but it works for us. Do what works for you! :)

  • Alissa

    Hi SAJ. I think you should follow your instincts in regards to BB. This is the only time in both of your lives that you have the opportunity to spend as much time together as you both want. Before you know it she will want less and less to do with you as she becomes more independent. By giving her all she needs she is realising that she can trust you and you are forming a lifetime bond. I’m exactly like you in that I spend almost every hour with my son and I cherish it. Don’t listen to those people.

  • BeachMama

    Oooh, that sounds like the coolest party and why not, celebrate both your birthdays on a cool day??

    As for BB you are not the only one who spends all her time with her kid. That is what being a stay at home Mom is. The only night I have ever spent away from J is when I had my surgery last summer, and if they had let me I would have gone home (stupid nurses reading blood counts wrong). We hardly ever do date night, but if we do go out, My Mom is the only one I leave J with. He is pretty good about staying with My Mom or My Sisters, but there was a time (around BB’s) age when he cried every time I left. But, I sometimes just couldn’t take him with me. She will adjust, I am sure part of it is the newness of the sitter and the other part is that you are right there in the other room.

  • Clownfish

    B, I totally dig your design!! I’m a full-on Bond fan, that along with the cool party chic, the 7’s, the cocktail glass… it!! I’m sending the link to my amigo JP back in Orange, he’s Mr. Cocktail and I’m sure will also appreciate the design.

    I heard somewhere that a crazy amount of weddings are being booked on 07-07-07. Newlyweds looking for some extra luck, I’m sure.

    I can’t wait to hear about it. I’m sure your party will be a blast!

  • Heather

    You shouldn’t have to worry about what other people think about how you raise Baby Bug. She’s your Bug, not theirs. My daughter is 8 months old and hasn’t been away from me for more than a 2 hour period, and then she was with my Aunt. Needless to say we haven’t spent a night away from each other, and she still sleeps in her bassinet by my side of the bed (she can’t get out of it yet). Even my husband doesn’t want to have her sleep in her own room yet. She cries when strangers look at her or talk to her. She’ll hide her little head in my neck, it’s really sweet. My dad comes to visit every 2 weeks just so the baby won’t forget him, but she does anyway and cries. Okay, I got too caught up in talking about baby and forgot if I was trying to make a point and what it was. We do the best we can.

  • Carrie

    Sounds like such a fun party! I need you to plan a party for me, but I guess you would have to scare up some guests as well b/c I don’t know that many people in person.

    As for BB and spending so much time with her–I’m the same way. I think we know our kids best and we have to do what works for our families. After seeing the way my sister is with her kids, I think the steady influence of having mom always there is one reason Erik is so calm and happy. Of course, I do leave him in the gym daycare every day for an hour or hour and a half. He is so social I think it’s good for him. We somehow dodged the bullet on the seperation anxiety thing, which actually concerns his doctor. He is just not afraid of anyone.

  • Gramma

    You cannot let the magic of sevens just pass by…there are the traditional seven sweets and seven sours of a Pennsylvania Dutch meal…a seven bone roast…seventh heaven–a state of intense happiness or bliss…in the four months before the event, I’m sure more sevens will pop into your “Bee Bonnet.”

  • Kristine

    Andrea turns 16 on July 7th! I’ve been wondering about what to do for her party since last year. I’m anxiously awaiting more posts about what YOU’RE going to do. :)

  • Dana

    777 is “almost” as good as my daughter’s birthday last year 06-06-06 “666” and she turned six years old! We were amazed when her head didn’t actually spin around like the Exorcist.

    As for separation anxiety, my almost 4 year old didn’t outgrow it until 3 1/2. Your getting her aquainted with new people will definitely pay off in the long run, but don’t get upset like I did about it. They will outgrow it in their own time.

  • April

    My son Andrew will be 7 on 07/07/07!! I am trying to come up with an idea for his birthday party also, something more for kids. Any ideas? I could use the help, I want to take advantage of this awesome date!!

  • carrien

    If I had money I would totally hire you to plan my parties. i loved everything about the pinkety pink party and am in awe of your creative genius. If I ever have the cash would you think of throwing one in San diego county?

    And I kept my babies with me always until they were about two, at least at night. It would probably be easier for Baby Bug if the babysitter took her somewhere exciting while you worked, like a playground or the beach. It’s a whole lot harder to understand when your just in the next room why she can’t see you. She might find outing more distracting and enjoyable.

  • lynne

    Have a party! Have a party! go on! A James Bond Party sounds fabulous. Oh and I think you should change the rule about only having one party a year, because I cannot think of anything nicer that been known as ” the_girl_ who_has_ the most _ amazing_parties” and I don’t mean hedonistic parites (I am the picnic girl I have them in surprising places and get people to dress up).

    I was charmed by the party you organised for your neice, I am sure she will remember it and appreciate it all the more all the effort your family put in to make it so special when she’s older.

    Maybe you should become a professional events organiser?