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10 month movie!

Finally! Eleven months is right around the corner and I’ve finally finished the ten month movie. Phew! I think it’s my favorite movie yet… but it could just be me being super excited about finally finding the right song that captures Baby Bug’s energy. She wears me out, the little bug. I can only imagine what life is going to be like once she starts walking/running. She’s getting close. I can feel her pulling on my hands less and less when we walk across the floor with her little feet kicking forward like a soldier. Watch out world, here she comes. That’s all I can say.

And now the movie. (2.05 MB, quicktime)


  • Jennifer

    HAHA! Perfect music! So much of this video reminded me of my little one. Except for the TALKING. Baby Bug has a lot more to say than my silent babe. I love hearing the baby talk. Brace yourself for the walking and running. Whew! :)

  • detroit

    the struggle with the music was worth it. I’m tired for you just watching her. Hard to believe but I’ve been there and it’s true: each new phase/age gets even better. My personal favorite was going about town doing errands accompanied by my 4-year-old son (now 18!) donned in a rotating get-up of capes, gloves, boots and masks. I’d always get odd looks and comments but come on now .. isn’t that what being a kid is about?

  • Samantha

    Oh my goodness! How cute was that? You did a fabulous job, and the music was perfect. And don’t you love the tunnels? It seems to keep them occupied, plus you can throw toys down them and they think it’s a GREAT game…

  • MamaBear

    This movie is AWESOME! She really is on the go all the time, isn’t she? You trying to get her dressed cracks me up. Reminds me of Kikki, the only thing that works for us is getting her hands busy with something new, like shoes or toys or whatever. She may sti still for 5 seconds, long enough for me to put her hand through a sleeve. LOL! SHe’s adorable.

    The only thing missing from the movie is what you were going to record which is the sound she makes while making out with her bunny!!!

  • jP

    M says thanks for putting him in the movie. He thinks the video is funny. Now he is famous all over the nation. Tee- Hee. He had such a great time playing with all the babies at Thanksgiving.

  • TheBaddestClick

    That was great fun to watch! I love the changing/dressing footage. Hope you, BB and hubby have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Gramma

    Guess my other comment went away. There is a classic children’s book: “I Can Fly” by Mary Kraus, I think. It is a Little Golden Book and is still available. This was a very, very, very favorite of a little girl we called SueBee some 55 years ago. Her Daddy would hide it behind sofa cushions. Her Mommie would hide it behind her other books. Even Grandma would hide it under the bed. We really did get tired reading it to her. But she NEVER tired having it read to her.