She’s Found Her Feet

Up until yesterday my favorite baby pose was when Baby Bug would flip her feet up into the air at a 90 degree angle. I’ve been meaning to illustrate it but every day blows by faster than the one before and I haven’t had a chance. But now she’s one-upped me. Now she flips her feet up even further and then she puts them in her mouth! It’s the funniest thing ever. I knew it was coming but there’s something about a little baby butt flipping around and little tiny toes swinging through the air as if they’re going to whop her in the face that I think is the cutest thing ever.

p.s. Don’t worry, we are making sure her feet are clean and edible.


  • Ande

    Sooo precious! Bug has the cutest look on her face suggesting that this foot-eating is SERIOUS business. =)

  • Gena

    I SO love baby feet. I told my kids that their feet are always a yummy snack for Mama until the age of 5. Then they become a little stinky. Baby Bug is a doll.

  • Nila

    It’s great remembering all the cute things babies do, and your joy in those cute things…it’s refreshing. I’m afraid that I’m becoming jaded now that my kids are 7 & 9 and don’t do those cute things anymore. Now, they tell me I look pregnant (which I’m not), and they do all kinds of non-cute gross boy things.

    Thanks for sharing baby bug with us. I love all the pink!