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my first mother’s day

Wow. What to write. And how much can I get written before my monkey gets tired of sitting in her new borrowed exersaucer and squawking at the activity center that is folded up and stuffed between the crib and the wall? It is quite comical that she finds the crack between the wall and her crib the most exciting thing to look at in this room. But I’m not going to complain, it’s been keeping her busy for about ten minutes now.

I haven’t been writing much these days because it seems like I only manage to stay awake and inspired about every fourth day and if that day is the day that Baby Bug decides to really really need to be held all day long then that day I can’t write either. Did you know she can go almost a whole day without taking a nap? The other day she had just two little fifteen minute blinks and she was completely recharged and ready to roar after each one. She did crash at 5:30 and didn’t wake up until the next morning though. It gave me the creeps. I’d really worry but my mom says I used to do the same thing when I was a baby. Thankfully, she doesn’t do that often but she has done it twice now.

But anyway, what was I writing about? Right. Excuses not to write. Excuses, excuses….

Yesterday was mother’s day. It was great. Everything a first mother’s day should be. I really felt special all day long and I really like being a mom. I’m liking this motherhood gig more than I thought I would and that says a lot because I pretty much looked forward to being a mom my whole life. The best part is Baby Bug. I’m so proud of her. How did I make such an amazing little creature? It still boggles me. She is the most beautiful, funny, quirky, silly little noise box (note that I add “noise box” as she lets out the squawk of all squawks, reminding me that I better go shut the bedroom door before she awakens the Dad troll) full of glee and gummy smiles and funny little eyebrow furrows and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day. I cannot believe it.

So I didn’t get breakfast in bed or a big arrangement of flowers. I didn’t get to sleep in or even taken out to brunch. I didn’t get a pedicure or a spa package or new slippers or a robe. I didn’t get chocolate or a finger painting for the refrigerator of something made out of playdough. I didn’t get a trip to Paris or shopping spree or a new umbrella or even the day off from chores. But I did get to spend the whole day with my little family and it was the best day EVER.

Yes, we do spend every day together but usually Toby is working. Yesterday he didn’t work…all day long! We went car shopping again. I know it’s silly how long I’ve been waiting for this new car I’m supposedly getting. But let me tell you, good things come to those who wait. And no we didn’t get it yet but we are going to soon. Really really soon. We just went to go look at it again and this time I brought the stroller to make sure it fit in the trunk. It does. I also drove it and sat in the back seat and fiddled with all the gadgets. I’m so excited about this car. It really is a great car inspite of all the hype. Almost worth how much it costs. Which is a lot. Which is why I’ve been waiting for over a year to get this car and why I’ve been walking everywhere for almost four months. This car is going to make up for all that and more.

After we spent about an hour checking out every nook and cranny in this car, and frustrating the salesman to no end (because we won’t fall for any silly financing scam) we drove home and stopped for Starbucks on the way. Toby would have taken me anywhere I wanted to go but I really couldn’t think of anywhere I wanted to go. How pathetic is that? Before baby I would have jam packed this day with so many outings we would have come home long after dark, exhausted. But now with the baby all I really wanted to do was go home and stare at her. And just hang out.

In other news: we celebrated Toby’s mom’s 70th birthday on Saturday. (I thought I ought to include a few pictures.) Also: I plan to celebrate mother’s day all over again with my mom next weekend, not to mention an eighth birthday party for a very special niece I know. The fun just never ends.