• lin

    That was the cutiest thing I’ve seen. It seems like yesterday when I was trying to guess the day she was going to be born, They get big so fast.

  • Becky Z

    I love the expressions on her face! She is so cute. She really does seem to be trying to say something and her voice is so cute.

  • Donna

    WOW! She’s really holding her head up! She’s adorable. She was my morning pick-me-up! All you have to do is watch this movie and you’ll feel so energized!

  • mary

    Neat video. Is it just me, though, or was it the same frames over and over again? I wasn’t sure if you meant to edit that way or if something’s wrong on my end. I just kept seeing your kid in the same position over and over.

  • josephine

    No, it’s not you and it’s not the same frame over and over again either. It’s just a baby who does the same thing over and over again and a mom who thinks it’s cute and never gets tired of it. Bad filming on my part. I could have shot some different angles or gotten really Tarantino about it but I was blinded by the cuteness both in editing and filming.

  • Keely

    I think I was blinded by the cuteness too! :) Your little one is so adorable that I didn’t want the video to end…and I actually started saying Aaaah-boo with you two.

  • Cindy

    You are the movie goddess! I get all excited and show the family everytime you put one up. The music and the tie dyed onesie are so appropriate. And in no way does it seem like you did the same frame…no way! Save my seat for the next showing : )

  • aunt kathy

    Thank-you, thank-you for sharing all the cute moments with us! I sure enjoy the videos and can’t get enough of them. H is surely intelligent. I KNOW she’s talking and communicating with you. She’s going to be a real conversationalist as she gets older (even as she is now!)

  • margalit

    Oh, the cuteness, the CUTENESS. How can you stand the cuteness? It makes me want to say AaaaaaaBooooooo Ah Booooo Ah Booooooo. I think you’ve got a really smart baby on your hands there. And I love her eyebrows as the kind of pucker up with all her heavy thinking. Just meltingly adorable.