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    Most Fabulous Laundry Day

    I am a survivor. Every time I get down because this motherhood thing seems too difficult, I tell myself: “I am a survivor. I can do this. I can conquer this.” For some reason this helps me. Instead of tearing my hair out and feeling like a miserable failure, I keep on keeping on. And then before I know it, I’ve moved from one obstacle to the next and I am a supermom after all! I can do it all. I just have to be tough.

    Today we conquered the unfamiliar laundromat. The one that was way across town and totally inconvenient. It turns out this new laundromat rocks! It’s ten million times better than my old laundromat!

    It’s twice the size and everything was clean! What a concept! There were washers and dryers lined up for miles and nobody was using them! I was the only person in there besides this little old lady who owned the place. She hobbled over and introduced herself even. Here I was worried that it might be in a shady neighborhood and it turns out to be so much more charming than my laundromat in snobville. What a relief.

    If they hadn’t closed my old-faithful-across-the-street laundromat, I never would have found this groovy place. It’s in this shopping center that got stuck in the seventies and I love it! After I loaded up my washers, Baby Bug and I took a walking tour of the neighborhood. We spied an old barbershop, a real life private investigator’s office, a fish and chips dive, a strange but hip hair salon, the oldest IHOP ever, a really cool shop that I bought myself some new Mary-Kate-and-Ashley bug-eye sunglasses in and a really neat bakery that sold cookies and cupcakes. I bought myself a lemon bar and felt very proud of myself for having fun while doing laundry.

    Who knows, I might start looking forward to laundry day now.

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