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Scrapping Scrapbooks

Remember the All Consuming Scrapbook project? The giant album of pictures I put together BEFORE Baby Bug was born? Back when I had time on my hands… Ha! I so set myself up for failure. (My poor second kid.)

Well, I finally finished the pre-birth book and now I’m starting on her first year. If I keep this up, I’m going to need a whole library, complete with one of those sliding ladders, to store them in by the time she’s eighteen. I’m thinking some months are going to have to go by without me taking one hundred pictures a day. I take so many pictures, it’s crazy. I know it’s a good thing. Every moment is precious and I want to capture it. But where should I draw the line? I could put myself out of house and home with all this clutter!

I probably don’t have to worry. I have a feeling this project will find it’s way to a dusty shelf somewhere and take care of itself. As it is, I’m finding it nearly impossible to write little captions and stories to go on each page.

Everybody always asks me, how do you keep blogging when you are so busy being a mom? I guess all I can say is I do what I love. I find time for the things that I really want to do. Sometimes Baby Bug has to sit on her changing pad and kick for an extra ten minutes longer than she wants to. Don’t worry, I don’t ever ignore her. She’s always close by. Other times I just stay up longer after she’s gone to sleep. I don’t think I’ll ever quit blogging but the scrap booking… I’m not so sure.


  • Elena

    i’ve been reading your blog for a week or so, and feel very at home with the whole obsession with the bugaboo, schlepping laundy etc, and now this, the scrapbooking project! There’s a closet in my baby’s room that gets my heart racing every time i pass because of the stacks of photos and memorabilia that I know are lurking behind the door desperaste to be nicely placed in a scrapbbok. Good job!… I keep finding excuses to put it off!

  • Anna

    I for one am thankful that you keep blogging. You continue to inspire and it is good to know that there is more to being a Mom than being a Mom :)

  • ginger incognito

    Abandon the scrapbooking? That’s crazy talk. Though I do imagine it does feel daunting some days. But hey, my little Doodle will be three in two months, and I’m just now scrapbooking her first birthday. And *you* feel behind! Ha!

  • Punchbugpug

    Enjoy your blog! My kids are grown…son just turned 23 and my daughter is 19. I decided to scrapbook for them after my mom passed away. I didn’t want them to get boxes of photos and stuff that don’t make sense. I now have my son done through 3rd grade! HAHA I think it’s lots easier doing as the time is going by, but don’t stress about it. I was good about saving things by year, so believe it or not I still had all the little memorabilia! Just remember to date and write who is in photo. That is worst part for me. I thought I’d remember their little friends names and stuff! Good luck. Your baby is adorable. Keep blogging.

  • Jamie

    You are so good to do this. I just blogged about the whole organized chaos/lack of archiving at my house. I have taken 8 billion photos of my girls and most of them are on my laptop (thankfully my tech/geek hubby backs them up on an external drive…don’t forget to backup your digital photos everyone!) Have you tried digital scrapbooking? All the cool papers, etc., can be found in digital form. Two Peas is a great source as is

  • gorillabuns

    i can’t believe you have been scrap booking and have kept up with blogging.
    i have my 2 1/2 year old’s first 3 months put together in a book and i just purchased my 15 month old’s scrap book yesterday. now, where did i put those pictures?….

  • Krista

    Don’t feel bad, I feel so much the same. I was on fire with the idea of scrapbooking until I found out how much talent you need to have, and how much time and MONEY it takes. I’m thinking photo albums are classy still, right?

  • pixie

    i am right there with you. i have at least 6 scrapbook/photo albums that are beginning to fill and i just get to them when i can. like baby bug, miles does without my attention for tiny chunks while i’m busy trying to record every moment of his life in some way. somedays i write little things in my journal like, “today you made a raspberry spittle for the first time!” in the hopes that i will find that note and be able to put it with a picture somewhere down the line. i think i don’t want any precious thing to slip by without making a note of it. probably in part because my memory is horrible and secondly, because i don’t know for sure if we have another baby…
    you are not alone!! xoxoxo p

  • pixie

    one more thing-baby bug is blossoming into her full cuteness!!!! she is so beautiful and grandparents too. what GORGEOUS photos.

  • Justyna

    Your blog is wonderful, it is very addictive. I look forward to reading it every day. You are very talented. Do you do your illustrations in PhotoShop?

    I love scrapbooking, but since I have a 3-week-old little girl, I also don’t have time. So I scrapbook digitally. I have a blog that I write to her, about her, so like you, I can then print it out and scrapbook easily. Since you are so good with bloggin, maybe this would work for you, to have a blog that you write to her and then one day all you’d have to do it print it out and glue on a page?
    If you’re interested, here is mine:

    PS I’m also envious of the wonderful weather you are enjoying with your daugther! I’m stuck in Wisconsin and we can’t go on walks, too cold out. Keep writing about the beach.