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She’s Growing!

Look at that baby! Isn’t she huge? No, not me, the little one with the giant head and cute impish eyes. I think she weighs about ten pounds already. But I’m not sure. I don’t have a baby scale and I don’t really trust my math when I get on the scale holding her and subtract my weight. But she’s growing. In spite of her hatred of latching on, she seems to be consuming calories. I know that for a fact because a lot of them are coming out the other end in the form of disgusting orange poop.

Guess what happened the other day? I was moaning and complaining about Pamper’s poor design of their newborn diapers to my friend. I was telling her about how I hate the way the poop always shoots out the back of Baby Bug’s diapers and soils whatever she is wearing. Why even bother wearing diapers, I was thinking. Pamper’s should add elastic to the back to keep the poop in. I was even thinking about contacting Pampers and telling them this myself. There was some kind of survey/advertising pamplet that fell out of the bag yesterday going on about how they care about babies and want to do whatever they can to make their product better… bla bla bla.

Then my friend said to me, “Have you tried putting Baby Bug in the next size up?”

What! This is where I slapped my forehead and said, “Doh!”

I’m such an idiot. Babies grow fast. Duhr. Even I know that. So I tried on the next size up, which we happen to have from that time when Toby bought the wrong size (and I ranted about it because I was mad that all the stores discriminated against size challenged babies) and what do you know? They fit!

We still have some poop issues. But not nearly as bad as it was. But then what do you expect from a Ponnay? Toby seems to think all Ponnays are proud of their abundant and loud expressive poop. Every time he hears her farting/pooping from across the room, he says “that’s my girl” with a big proud smile.


  • Gretchen

    That’s how we always knew to move them up – blowouts. Also, you might find a better fit from Luvs, Huggies, or generic Target. They are all cut a little different.

    What a cutie you have!

  • Sara

    And after you start solids in few, short months, the blowouts will be a thing of the past! I agree about trying another brand, but we found our baby was senstive to the generics. I know some people swear by cloth diapers; if we have another baby, we may try this route. I would think, though, that you’d want to have your own machine for that.
    Great picture!

  • Brenda

    For just having a baby you look really good. You look like you didn’t even gain a pound, those pants make your waistline small. Ahhhh, your baby is adorable, I look forward everyday for pictures.

  • Ande

    Blowouts! Agh! I did the same thing you did. I was so confused. Wondering why the diapers weren’t doing their job. Then the light bulb came on!! =) Bug is getting so big. She’s so cute!

  • Angie

    Once my son was out of the newborn size, I preferred Huggies over Pampers. He’s now two and I buy the cheap White Cloud brand from the dreaded Walmart and they work just as good.

    BTW, BabyBug is adorable and you’re looking amazing!

  • Anna

    Ahh, I remember those days well :) The blowouts here seemed to happen the most when he was into his saucer. Up the back, out the legs, only a bath would clean him up.

  • josephine

    thanks everybody… but I’m not really looking that amazing. that’s the perks of being married to a photographer. he knows how to shoot me so i look better than i am

  • lin

    I had the same problem with pampers when my son was a newborn so I switched to huggies and I never had that problem there worth a shot

  • Matthew Miller

    If you’re looking around for other brands to try, don’t forget Seventh Generation. For one thing, they’re not bleached with chlorine, which is a big deal, but beyond that, they’re much nicer looking than the big brands, ’cause they’re just plain, with no licensed cartoon characters.

  • lily

    that used to happen with my baby when he was a baby and my mom told me it was because i wasn’t tighting the baby’s diaper on tight enough so the pamper was like loose and so the poop had room to move and went to the back. it was horrible cuz i dirtied so much clothes in so little time. i was afraid of tighting the pamper too tight because i didnt want to squish my baby. so i bought the ones with elasticity in the pamper and put it on tighter cuz anyways it would stretch and after that i didnt have problems with the poop coming out. its been around 4 yrs but i think i bought the Pampers kind not huggies because they had just come out with those new ones that stretch and they move.

  • Sarah

    It is so amazing how fast they grow. I look at my little guy (who is two months now) and I wonder where the little baby went!

    We do a mix of cloth and disposable right now. I just heard about something cool called gdiapers but they aren’t available in Europe yet.

  • mar

    Agree with above – if you’re leaking, that means the next size up! They all overlap by a pound or 2 – lize, size 1 might be 8-14 lbs. and size 2 will be 12-18 lbs. I always kept one package of the next size up around, as it seemed that they changed sizes overnight! And I agree with everyone above – I like Huggies so much better. You might also want to try to put a pair of “form fitting” cotton bottoms or cotton diaper cover on her before you put on her clothes or onesies – yes, it’ll still get pooped on, but better one small pair of undies than whole outfits. Worked for me!

  • Texas T-bone

    We men love it when our kids let them rip. It’s like farting vicariously through them.

    Resist the urge, no matter how strong, of saving her first solid poopy. The novelty will wear off after about a day or two. Trust me, I know! :-)

  • Lurker

    I love your t-shirt. So cute! Not as cute as little miss bug of course but cute nonetheless. Where did you find it?

  • PhC

    She looks beautiful, but I can’t get over how quickly you have returned to “normal”. You are totally giving me hope over here, because I fear I’ll be wearing pull-up maternity jeans for the rest of my 30’s.

  • Sistina

    I keep telling E that she’s spending her college fund on diapers. Breastfed babies are poop machines. I’m totally jealous you look that good. Angle shamngle, I don’t think Photoshop could help me yet!

  • nina

    You both look wonderful! Your dear little one does look like she’s growing while you are shrinking- can you believe you had a baby only a month ago?
    I remember when I had my daughter and a few weeks after birth, I was able to slip on a pair of elastic-waisted gym shorts. I proudly went to the living room to show my husband, look, look, I’m getting back into my old clothes again!
    He replied,”Honey, those are MY shorts.”
    Sigh. All the weight did come off. Eventually.
    If you are in YOUR clothes, you are doing darned well, Secret Agent!

  • Bekah

    You look great!!!!!!!! You’re one of the ones that looses fast. Yay!! (It took me 11 months to loose it all…) And little bug is super duper perfectly cute. We use the walmart brand diapers (white cloud) and love them. But, I don’t know if you have a wm nearby since you live in cool cali. (we have em on every single corner in AR.)

  • aunt kathy

    Your baby is still adorable. Getting cuter every day.
    A trick I learned from a mother of 14…Put a pair of plastic pants over the dispoable diaper to catch the leaks. It works especially well with loose, loose stools. She actually doubled the plastic pants because she went the cotton diaper route, if you can believe it. (She now has two or three washers.)

  • mom on a wire

    I didn’t read the comments, so I don’t know if someone suggested this already… We used Huggies, and I was able to kind of fold the back of the diaper in, about the top 1/2 inch of the back. It created a little “pocket” so that the poop didn’t shoot up the back. Be careful when you lay her down though, or her weight might squish it all up!