Beach Bits,  Bug

Arctic Walk

To dispel the doom and gloom of yesterday, I decided to take the bug out for a walk. Getting out and about always cheers me up. The problem is, these days I start everything way too late. I didn’t get outside until about 5 pm and it was freezing cold!!!! Well, for Southern California it was cold. I’d say it was about 50 degrees farenheit, which to me is like 29 degrees below zero. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

I bundled Baby Bug up in long pants, a onsie with long fold-over sleeves, some socks that actually stay on (Trumpettes by the way, best baby socks ever! Thank you Kate.) a hat and a blanket! I bundled myself up in a thin sweatshirt and my old favorite red beanie. I’ve missed my old red beanie.

I didn’t wear it for my entire pregnancy because I thought it made my face look round and chubby. I do not like my round and chubby face. Never mind that it’s genetics and the sooner I embrace it the better. But now, post pregnancy, I’m a new woman! There’s nothing like being pregnant to make you feel incredibly skinny when it’s all over. I love stepping on the scale these days. No matter what I eat, I keep losing weight. Just like you all predicted, the pounds are falling off.

But I was talking about my walk in the arctic. It was freezing cold and I felt guilty for taking Baby Bug out in the ice cold breeze. But she seemed comfortable enough, all snuggled up in a sling and threatening to smother herself to death in my chest. She slept for the entire walk.

On our way back home, I crossed paths with a couple who also had a baby. The dad had a sling strapped to his chest just like mine. I couldn’t help myself, it was like we belonged to the same club or something. I stopped them and asked them how old their baby was. “Five weeks, going on six,” said the dad. Then the mom, with bags under her eyes and a big baggy un-tucked shirt said, “Isn’t it nice to get out and feel human again?”

It is. I agreed. It is.


  • Katie

    Glad you had a nice time on your walk! I envy you, too; It’s been around 35 below with wind chill here in Wisconsin. (Brrr!)
    Also, I’m feeling the genetically chubby face here. I’ve got the same deal… I tell myself it looks cute :)

  • alaskalark

    Just had to say you made me laugh. My daughter was born in December here in Alaska and we lived in a tiny place. I would often bundle her and myself up for a walk around the block and it was like zero outside. Of course she’d be under my coat. By the time it hit 50, I’d be forgetting to put on her sweater it felt so warm. Don’t think I ever congratulated you on your sweet little bundle. Baby Bug looks so sweet.

  • Ande

    This is going to sound so strange, but I used Boudreaux Butt Paste one time at night on McKenna’s face when she had baby acne, it was gone the next day. May be worth a try!

  • Dana

    I love your hat! I just started wearing my hats again last week, but I think they still make me a big ole chubbers.

    I just can’t stop myself from suggesting a different sling….it is terrible I know, but I wince when I see those snuggli things! They seem fine in the first few weeks, but eventually the baby gets bigger and they start to wrench your back into weird positions. Our chiropractor told us that they put wee ones into an unnatural position for them to be in, and strain their lower back and legs.

    This is a shameless plug, I am sure…but really, it isn’t important where you get a sling from…just buy another one PLEASE! :) This link will show you what other slings look like:

    I am doing a study on attachment parenting and babywearing for my honors thesis project, and I have donated ring-style slings for moms to use. If you want to participate, let me know, and I can e-mail you the info. It basically just involves recording data on how often you wear your baby and answering a few short questions. Plus, you get to keep the sling! :)

  • mar

    Oh, getting out is key! As long as it’s not pouring, you should try to get out every day. It doesn’t have to be an hour long thing – 10 minutes is enough. For 10 minutes, you don’t need anything more than a spit up rag stuffed into your baby carrier. Around the block is enough. It’s good for both of you to have some fresh air and natural light. Plus the more times you get out, the easier it becomes. The huge “gathering” of all the things you fear you will need becomes second nature, instead of taking hours to prepare.

    One step at a time, one day at a time!

  • laura

    Fun! It sounds like a great walk, but I agree with you – what is up with the weather here in LA lately? PS if you ever need a babysitter – I’m local! :)

  • margalit

    You’re such a southern Californian! 50 degrees here in Boston is beautiful spring-like weather! It’s COLD here now, like in the teens. Brrrr. It’s easy to overdress babies when YOU think it’s cold, but with a hat, some polar fleece and an extra blankie for just in case, Bug will be plenty warm.

  • mike

    In Canada, we have little to brag about besides the cold. My *bedroom* was a degree or two above 50 F three months a year growing up. We heated with a wooden furnace and my bedroom was the farthest from the stove and the most poorly insulated. It was no fun, that’s for sure.

    By the way, red wool hats (Canadians call wool hats toques, which we pronounce “tooks”) seem to suit mother and child.