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Thank You

I had a rough day today. Nothing horrible. Just difficult. I take comfort in those crazy stories of pregnant women who go completely psycho. I don’t think I am going psycho but I’m just not going it as well as I usually do. I can’t even really pin point what set me off. I think it’s mostly because all I can think about is the baby. All I want to talk about is the baby. I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t find somebody to talk about the baby with. And sometimes I can’t find anybody to talk to about the baby. I feel like I’m driving everybody crazy with all my baby talk but if I don’t talk, I’ll go crazy. Sounds psycho doesn’t it? If I’m making any sense at all. Maybe there are some mom readers out there who can translate this jumbled paragraph for the rest of the world. I can’t think of better words to say what I’m trying to say.

I just want to close with this thought: You know that email that gets forwarded a zillion times that goes on about how girlfriends are important. How men will come and go in your life but it’s your mom or your sister or your friend who will be there when you need them. Well it’s true. And I just want to thank that girlfriend who was there for me today. Thank you. Thank you for listening and letting me cry.

Thank you.

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  • Becky Z

    Hi Brenda,

    I can relate to this post (even though it’s still early for me). I have been emotional and sometimes I just want someone to talk to. But I need to keep quiet. Especially when David is working or doing school work. I hope this situation gets better or that I can deal with this.
    Becky Z.