• illos,  preg-nuts

    The Evil Sweet Tooth

    They are evil at work. They bring in pastries and set them on the desk directly across from mine. All day long I stare at those pastries and have a fight between my brain and my sweet tooth.

    Sweet Tooth: Look! Free food!

    Brain: Free food is fattening.

    Sweet Tooth: Yes, but look at that yummy pink strawberry stuff on top.

    Brain. We are watching our weight, remember?!! You didn’t eat that measured out cup of disgusting sugar free cereal this morning for nothing.

    Sweet Tooth: But it’s ooey and gooey and it tastes just like strawberry pie filling! Your favorite!

    Brain: Nothing tastes as good as jeans that fit, feel.

    Sweet Tooth: Jeans schmeans! Who cares about jeans. Don’t be so vain. You’re pregnant! You can diet like Kate Hudson later.

    Brain: Yeah, right. Kate Hudson, my ass.

    Sweet Tooth: But look at the yummy crusty edges with buttery frosting! mmmmmmm……….

    Brain: La la la la la. I’m not listening!

    Sweet Tooth: Well, they’re going to get stale just sitting there.

    Of course my sweet tooth won. I hate my sweet tooth.