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    Happy Trails

    We’re heading out today for our annual summer trip to the North Coast. As usual, I have no idea when we are leaving. Toby stayed up until five this morning, finishing up as much work as he could before he dropped into a stupor. He pulls all-nighters all the time but I hate it when he pulls all-nighters right before a trip. He says to wake him up at 9 but I have a bad feeling about that. He really needs his sleep if he is going to make it through the LA traffic. A tired grumpy Toby does not a good driver make. His driving is fine. It’s just his road rage that is unbearable. (What let me drive? Yeah right. I guess you don’t know Toby very well.)

    Anyway, we’re supposed to leave by ten but I’ve got money on three in the afternoon. We always leave late. Which means we always land smack in the middle of commuter traffic on the 405 going north. It’s just part of the deal. Oh, the joys of travel…

    On a lighter note, I sure am excited to get the hell out of dodge. Who knows what adventures we might have. I’m sure I’ll keep you posted!