illos,  Life Lessons


I’ve been sitting here in my towel for 47 minutes wishing Toby would wake up and become my knight in shining armor and get rid of the cricket in the tub. I don’t hate bugs, I just don’t like them in my shower, especially when I’m supposed to be in the shower. I know if I climb in there with him, he will jump on me with his hairy cricket legs. Ew! I tried everything. I even put the cats in the tub and chanted our old kitten mantra “get-tha-bug! get-tha-bug!” but they just looked at me like they were way too old for this crap, and hopped right out of the tub.

So I sat and I sat, watching the minutes tick by. Then I illustrated (or mouse clicked badly) the cricket image above and wrote the first part of this post. And guess what? When I was done I went and looked in the tub and there was Pounce, eating the cricket for me.

Who’s my knight in shining armor now!!!