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Forgive me, I just watched back to back episodes of that runway show, what is it called? The one with Heidi Klum and all the designers. I never get to watch it during it’s normal time because it’s Law and Order all the time at our house. But when I got home from my meeting today I decided to knock off the work early and break my most important rule. The one that says no television before seven pm. And what better way to rebel than flip on Bravo?

I’m totally inspired by the designers. I want to get my sewing machine out and sew itty bitty skirts with exposed bias tape seams and frayed edges. I want to make a purse out of those silky stretchy pajama bottoms that I never wear. But the reality is that even though I think it would be super fun and glamorous, I know deep in my heart that I’ll never be a fashion designer. When given the chance, and I have been given a few chances, I design the same slinky women in uninspired skirts and tops. I think I have more fun drawing their womanly curves and angles than I do the clothes I put on them. Sure color is fun and I love a swishy* new outfit but no matter how much I love fashion I am just not a fashion designer. Plus… um, I can’t really sew.

*term borrowed from Em’s Soy Boy.