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Illustration Friday: Year of the Rooster

Illustration Friday: “Year of the Rooster”

Phew! I spent a lot of time Illustrating today. But I’m happy. I think the more I practice the better I’m getting. I remember when I was working in corporate land I didn’t think I had a chance at ever being an illustrator. It was a childhood dream. I’m not trying to break into any illustration market, I know there is a lot of competition… but I’m happy with the way my life is going. I get to draw all the time and sometimes I get to make money doing it. But most of all, my drawings make me happy. I still get frustrated when what I see in my head doesn’t come out of my hands but it seems like the gap is getting closer and closer. Now I just think, if I can imagine it I can draw it. Which explains why I still can’t draw a horse. I have no idea how horse bones work. I should study up on that.

I didn’t realize that Monday is Valentine’s and I promised to make anti-valentines. So I banged them out today and here they are. Have fun!

The anti-valentines remind me of a weird college memory. There were always roving reporters walking around campus asking weird questions to fill space in the school paper. One day I got interviewed and the question I was asked was “What do you plan to do on Valentines”. Of course I had no plans since I was pretty much un-dateable back then. I don’t know what came over me but I told the reporter that my roommates and I planned on sitting around making valentines out of black construction paper with sculls on them. It struck me as funny at the time. And then there it was in print next to my goofy picture the next day. I think that was my five minutes of fame back then.

So what do you plan to do on Valentine’s Day? Be original.