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    And We’re Off!

    And We’re Off!

    Nothing very exciting is happening yet. I’m just killing time in a connector airport and what do know, there’s wireless internet here! I love the information age. As long as I have my laptop I will never be bored again! I’ll probably turn into some nerd with bad posture and no social skills outside my virtual life here on the internet but hey! I’m happy!

    So far everything is going smoothly. Lufthansa didn’t balk at all about my extra inch I’m carrying on my carryon luggage. In fact I even had to carry an extra bag because I’m bringing my 10D camera for my sister-in-law to use. I was supposed to hand it off to her before we went through security but she was no where in sight. So I went through security with all three bags and nobody said a thing.

    I’d say things are off to a swell start!

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    Can I Just Be Gone Already?

    Can I Just Be Gone Already?

    I have nothing new to post. I’ve managed to wrap up all my work and now I’m spending my time twiddling my thumbs until it is time to leave. (Actually I’m trying on my stupid j-lo pants over and over and trying to come up with an alternative outfit for my official first day of travel… but that is just so pathetic to blog about…) On Wednesday I will retrieve my Mom from Hemet and we will fly away on Thursday. Even my bag is packed (except for the bare essentials like toothpaste and stuff).

    In my pre-paris boredom, I will address the issue of postcards. Here’s the deal: I understand that the French postal service takes forever (for example: I am still waiting for my haremail package from Aimee that she mailed back on Easter.). So if I want to mail any postcards and have them get back to the states before I do, I have to mail them all out on the very first day I get there. I just don’t think I’m going to be able to pull that off. First of all, I will be part of a group with a very energetic leader and we are wham-bam-off-to-see-the-sights-right-away-without-a-minute-to-snooze. Second of all, I’m not sure how many postcards I really want to buy. I’m just not up on these things. I know I will buy a few but not one for everybody on my mailing list. I mean, what if they are lame ones made in Hong Kong? (Nothing against Hong Kong, but I just like my touristy things to actually come from the country I’m touring) I just can’t commit until I see them.

    So I’m thinking that maybe it would be way more fun to water color a few pretty things in some garden and then scan them when I get back and make up some nifty SAJ postcards and mail them to EVERYBODeeeeeee!!!! As in everybody who is on my mailing list. If you got a Christmas card you are on my mailing list. If you didn’t, then you might want to sign up.

    How do you sign up? It’s easy. Leave me a comment (because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and I really need something to read between now and Thursday) and email me your address. If you don’t want a postcard but you somehow got on my mailing list and you want off, email me. Sound like a plan? If you would like a real French postcard postmarked from Paris let me know, otherwise you’re going to get an official SAJ manufactured one postmarked from California. Yay! I love creating little projects for myself. But actually it’s great for public relations so there’s not harm done. Unless of course everyone is sick sick sick of hearing about Paris. Which would be totally understandable since I’m almost sick of myself talking about Paris.

    Okay, not another peep out of me about Paris until I’m there.