Ask and ye shall receive!


Sketchery posts are actually pretty easy to pull off. I love sketching. I just stopped for a year or so because a lot of my sketches were about bad stuff and I didn’t really want to share that. Maybe I’ll pull a Mark Twain and publish them 100 years from now when everyone who could be offended is dead. Or not. I haven’t actually been sketching that much. Mostly long rants about stuff and stuff.

You guys gave me a lot to think about and you said some really nice things. Thank you!

This is basically me fiddling around with my sketchbook while I wait for Bug to eat at a local diner. I had long finished, of course. I do a lot of that. She thinks she can exist off air and junk food. We also tried to get her last installment of homework done at the restaurant. That went over about as well as the food. She barely touched either.

I’m also worrying/drawing (I should coin a new term: drorrying) about the invitation website I hope to launch in a week or so. It’s in the programming stage and I haven’t seen it yet. I’m at the nail-biting stage. I can’t wait to share it with you guys though. I think it’s going to be super cool.

Next is playdates: I’ve actually found a fellow mom who doesn’t mind if I bring my laptop on play dates with her daughter. That’s kind of awesome. The first one we had, I just sat there and made small talk with her for three hours. It was painful. I didn’t know what to talk about and I was itching to work so bad the whole time. I hardly get much Bug-occupied-and-happy time so whenever I do get a minute I want to work on my laptop.


Here is today’s rapid fire sketch of messiness. I should be working but no, I’m thinking of you guys and all your nice comments that make me buzz. Too bad I have to draw about scary things. I need to work on that. But what comes out, comes out, you know?

Oh, you’ll like the cockroach story! It was lovely. Delightful! Creepy and crawly and full of the heebie jeebies!

As you may remember my cat, Aqui, is an outside cat. Not my choice, purely hers. She likes to come and go all night long and since we don’t have coyotes in this neighborhood I humor her by keeping a back window open just a crack so she can slither in and out. It’s all been very fine and dandy until last night.

I hear this tell-tale muffled meow that can only mean one thing. She’s caught something. She’s quite the hunter. I’m a super light sleeper and I wanted to drift back to sleep but her muffled meow sounded like it was coming from inside the house and the last thing I want is her delivering a half dead mouse to my pillow for me to admire. She will do this. She is quite proud of her hunting prowess and has to show it off to me every time. She’s caught birds, gophers, lizards and…GREAT BIG SCARY AMERICAN COCKROACHES THAT CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!! (click if you dare)

You read that right. Flying bugs with creepy-crawly legs and wiggling feelers. This is my worst nightmare. Snakes don’t scare me, spiders don’t scare me (too terribly much), mice don’t scare me but cockroaches do! I will climb up on tables to get away from them screaming like a sissy.

It’s been a bit challenging living in this run-down mobile home with an-under-the-sink leak that attracts bugs that like to eat rotten wood. Thankfully, my dad fixed the sink leak but there are still plenty of big bugs outside for the cats to bring in.

I hate it. With a passion. And there is no man around the house to come capture them and put them back outside.

So that’s what I had to do in my nightgown at two in the morning. Pleasant dreams!


sketchbook catchup vol. 7


Inspired by Ponyo and the fact that I can’t really draw or blog about what is bothering me. Maybe I should channel my feelings this way more often.


The church I sometimes go to has a bounce house sometimes, maybe once a month or so. I’m not sure since I don’t go often enough to know their schedule. I think it’s part of their attempt to attract more children. It’s a great idea. It seemed terribly irreverent to me at first when I was sitting in the service and I heard this horrible loud air-blowing sound but then when Bug begged to go back the next Sunday, I had to agree it was a pretty good idea. Her Sunday school class also put on a little play about creation for the whole congregation and Bug got to stick little felt animals onto a felt board on stage. I thought that was pretty cool.

And more on the pinkness. I think I’ve written enough about that.


Old news! Boo hiss! Bethany has already come and gone. Sob… Oh! Did I tell you about my car transmission going out? I can’t believe I never blogged that story. It was terrible! My car is only four years old and it only has 42,000 miles on it. WAY too young to be having transmission problems already. We knew when we bought a high performance German car we’d be in for trouble in the long run but this is the short run!

I was at a gas station. I had just filled up and was about to put the car in drive and leave the station. When I put the car in gear it went in REVERSE instead of Drive! The gear shift was in drive but the car went into reverse and scared the crap out of me. I looked down at the gear selector and sure enough the lever was on D not R. So I slammed on the brakes (of course), turned the car off and started it again. This time it drove fine but then the gear selector indicator in my dash started blinking. Then my engine warning light went on too.

If I’ve learned anything over the years of being a big sister to an auto mechanic and being married to a car snob, I’ve learned to NEVER ever drive with warning lights on. So I found a parking spot in the shade in a nearby parking lot and parked. Then I called my brother and Toby and a car dealership nearby. (I’m skipping over the part where I freaked out and started crying and couldn’t carry on a conversation with Toby without yelling so I handed the phone to my sister-in-law, CC, and let her handle everything. I love her.)

Toby did some googling and found out that this wrong-gear problem has been happening to a lot of Audi A3 drivers and figured I was probably okay to limp home to my mom’s house (that was my destination) as long as I stayed in the slow lane and was ready to pull off the road if anything funny happened again. Well, I tried that and my car wouldn’t even go into second gear! It was stuck in first and revving like crazy. Of course this happened on the on-ramp of a freeway with several impatient cars and a semi honking behind me.

I pulled off at the next exit and called a tow truck thanks to my brother’s triple-A plan. I’m so thankful to my brother and his family right now. They saved me about a trillion dollars in towing. A tow truck came and drove us all the way back to my home dealership where I left my car for a week and a half. The dealership set me up with a rental car and I was as good as new.

Two weeks later the dealership contacted me and let me know that Audi was paying for the repair (a simple computer program problem) even though my warranty was up in June of this year. Phew!!! That was such a huge relief. We couldn’t even begin to afford to pay for transmission work right now. Toby’s half-tempted to sell this car even though we love it so much and it’s already paid off just because we really can’t afford to be fixing it all the time. But we’ll see. Now that it’s back from the dealership and running great it’s hard to think about offloading it.

I almost forgot the best part of this horrible day! After I got the rental car and was home for dinner etc, I locked the keys in the rental car trunk! Good times!! It took not one tow truck but two to come and unlock it with a funky slim-jim thingy. And because I didn’t want to admit to Toby that I had done such a stupid thing (I have a history) I forced CC and Bug to sit outside in the cold with me while we waited to be rescued by the tow truck. I should have made this its own blog post. I even have photos of our incredibly long horrible day.

But at the end of it all you know what I remember the most? How great Bug behaved and how wonderful my sister-in-law is when you are in the thick of it. You know what they say about people’s true character showing up in times of stress? Her character is golden and mine is a black hole of failure.


Blah blah blah…everyday life.


I’ve been babysitting a lot which is great for the budget. And it’s great for Bug who desperately wants someone to play with all the time. I love it that people will hire me to watch their kids and I can bring my kid along too. It’s a great job for both of us.

And that’s that!