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    hangin' out
    We had a squirrel who made a nest in the tree outside our dining room window last year. We thought he died because he suddenly wasn’t there anymore and there was a dead squirrel down in the path that leads away from our apartment. We didn’t know if it was the same squirrel but it could have been. We missed him and were kind of sad about it.

    Well, you can imagine our surprise when this year not one but four jumpy squirrels moved into that old nest. The nest is just a bunch of leaves and sticks gathered up in the crook of some of the tree’s base branches. You wouldn’t think four squirrels could fit in there. But they do! We watch them come and go with their cute little bushy tails all day long. They jump from branch to branch providing endless entertainment for the cats and us.

    Who needs dinner entertainment? Not us!

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    Hum Bar

    hum bar

    You know what’s great about living in the second story of an apartment building surrounded by trees? Every time I look out my window I see birds and squirrels. It’s like we live in a tree house.

    We have a chipmunk living in the tree right outside our dining room and it has been a great source of entertainment for both Bug and I and the cats as you can imagine. I’ve yet to properly photograph Chip but I will one of these days because he is a barrel of laughs.


    I recently installed a hummingbird feeder on our patio and those hummingbirds have been downright aggressive about it. They buzz in and out like beetles whether I’m near or not. Sometimes I think they are getting annoyed with me for standing in their way, the way they twirp and tweet right in my ear.


    So I decided to take advantage of the situation and photograph them. I took about eleventy zillion photos so I decided to rip them into an animated gif so this post wasn’t too terribly long or boring.



    Here’s a close up if that was too hard to see. Isn’t he (she?) pretty? So far I think there are four hummers who frequent this feeder. It’s been quite amusing to watch them swerve and bob to get in and out of my enclosed patio and then around each other. It’s a pretty popular spot.


    As is the other side of the window.

    humming bird protection squad

    I need to make an animated gif of these two loons one of these days.