Nobody likes an “I’m sick” post but I thought I better put something up since it’s been a minute. No, I am not sick with covid-19. Phew! I just have a regular head cold and it’s not really that big of a deal.

I’ve been thinking of all kinds of creative things I can do with this blog when I’m feeling better. Share some art, share some art process, document every stupid silly thing?

Quarantine is great for creative people. In fact, I’m not even letting myself start a puzzle because I know once I do I will get sucked into it and I won’t spend my time doing something more productive, like working on a book, working on a craft, or writing some interesting blog content.

But I just wanted to check in and say hi. I haven’t been able to visit my parents because I am sick but they are doing well. We talk every day on the phone and my mom is STILL losing weight. Can you believe it? My dad has been cooking all my recipes and even making some of his own. So far they are healthy and doing well. Everybody’s a little stir-crazy but what else is new?

The kids are with their others but they will be back Monday and school seems to be in full swing. I get emails from Bug’s teacher every other hour. I actually like them. Her teachers are working really hard to send out positive messages and keep everyone focused. I really wonder what life will be like when this pandemic is over.

My anxiety about loved ones dying is through the roof but good thing I’ve learned a ton of tricks to help with that. How are you guys coping? I’m wishing I lived next door to an opera singer. But my garden is pretty and the dogs are my constant companions.

A Random February Update


It’s time for a little catch-up post. I had a huge book deadline on February one (that I actually made by the skin of my teeth-yay!) so I’m a bit behind on regularly scheduled programming.  What is regular around here? You got me there. There is no regular programming.

First up: visiting my parents. I usually go out to the desert every Wednesday but they’ve been sick and I’ve been tied up with books these last few weeks. It was really nice to go out today and catch up a little. My mom is getting ready for shoulder surgery on the 20th and feeling a little under the weather. She wasn’t up for walking but she did take a ride with me to my barn in her new nifty wheelchair. I pushed her along in her chair with the dogs until we hit some sand and she had to walk from there.  Which she did!


I got my picture. Blue skies all around!


Then back home to visit and snuggle with some cats.


I should mention that my brother has been living with my parents for the last month or so while he has a few workman’s comp meetings with his lawyer. My sister-in-law stayed behind to work and just this last week she flew down to reunite with him. It was so sweet to see them back together again after being apart for so long.

I haven’t really talked about this but my brother and his family have been couch-surfing in different homes for a while since my brother can’t work due to injuries. It’s a trying time for them but I think they are going to make it.


It was super nice to catch up with CC. We took her out for our traditional late start day breakfast.


In other news, while Payam was on a business trip a week ago I rearranged my entire office to fit this new couch. I am crazy like that. I took down Payam’s desk, dismantled it, re-organized all of his paperwork and ordered and assembled this giant couch in one day. It was a blast.

The office has been a thorn in my side for years and I’ve been plotting a redesign for a long time. A really long time. But I don’t like to rearrange furniture when Payam is home because I can be a bit (actually a lot) manic and pretty much upend everything until I find a harmonious situation. I will push furniture around and around all over the house until I get it right. This can be a bit exhausting for anyone not existing on the same manic mode. So I wait until everyone is gone and do my crazy all by myself.


I’m still not 100% satisfied but it is a LOT better than it was. Sadly, I spent all this time organizing a big couch around a television in hopes of creating a “kids hang-out room” to come to the conclusion that the kids are perfectly happy to ignore the televison in favor of watching youtube on their phones instead. Phooey!

So this might not be the end of my office mayhem.


Speaking of kids, we threw Bug an “it’s not really a party” birthday dinner.

There is this really cute bakery right by Bug’s orthodontist. It has turquoise painted walls and rows and rows of beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Every time she goes to get her braces tightened we stop by and get a cupcake there. And every time they give us the cupcake for free! “It’s on the house,” they say smiling as if they know that she just got her braces tightened and will be in major pain in an hour or so. Well, it turns out their marketing strategy works because when we were planning Bug’s dinner and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she requested an old-fashioned chocolate cake (and a small red velvet cake) from that particular bakery. I was happy to oblige. They have definitely got my business being so sweet about free cupcakes for poor orthodontics patients.

Since it was not a birthday party, per her request, I let her put whatever inscription she wanted on her cake. She chose the letter “a.” I guess it’s some kind of meme or something with her friends. Everything is a meme these days.

So happy Aaaaa! I say. Happy Aaaa.