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    super duper car

    Nearly a whole year later we finally bought a new car for me. It’s very worth the wait. It’s the coolest car ever and of course it’s red, my favorite color. I never had a red car before. I wonder how many speeding tickets I’ll get.

    It really is Toby’s car disguised as a new car for me. It’s a race car. It’s fast and has four wheel drive and turbo and tiptronic and a whole bunch of other stuff that sounds really speedy and important. I really wanted Toby to do a guest blog about it because there is no way I can put in words what is so cool about this car. As far as I’m concerned, it looks cool. It’s red and it has pretty tires.

    It’s also super smart. It has a giant electronic brain that tells it when to turn on the windshield wipers, when to turn on the headlights, it even has a little screen in the dash that tells me what pedals to push just in case I turned into an idiot. It has all the fixings. I could go on and on but I’m afraid for all the other cars that will get jealous. Please don’t hate me because I have a super duper car.

    I haven’t been driving (besides borrowing Toby’s van now and then) since a month before I had Baby Bug. It was just too hard to steer my old car with the enormous belly in the way. After Baby Bug, Toby got the heebie jeebies about his precious baby (and yes, his precious wife too) in my super low to the ground invisible silver Honda Civic that doesn’t have anti-lock breaks or power steering. It’s a great car. Just not so great as a mom car.

    Well, now I’ve got the mom car on steroids. I wish I could get a vanity plate that said something like “BADASSMOM” or something with less letters that says: my car can kick your car’s butt. But that might be asking for trouble when I pull up to a light next to the other moms in their mighty SUV’s and soccer team holding minivans. I really can’t drive this car to it’s full capacity. I’m chicken. It is so fast it scares me. I barely pressed the gas pedal a millimeter and I was going 80 in a 40 zone before I even noticed. It’s dangerous. I think I’m going to have to play it cool.

    But I can’t wait to show it off to my brother, the mechanic.

  • Bug

    Baby Bug’s First 5K

    Remember last year? Remember how I almost killed Baby Bug when she was just an eight week old fetus because I was running like a maniac during those last few laps because everybody was cheering me on and I can’t deny my inner competitive spirit? Hmmmph. That was just the beginning…

    I did the 5K again. I plan to do it every year. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll run a marathon. It’s crazy but not completely impossible. I just hope Baby Bug likes to run.

    No running for us this year though–not with a precious baby head bouncing in the sling. I should probably just say that I bought a very expensive t-shirt and then took a long sweaty walk in the fog that just happened to be along the same route that a race was. I walked it so slow I ended up getting lost because I had nobody to follow. They all left me in the dust. And then the next race started and they lapped me too. It was pathetic. But I’ll say this: I did finish. I didn’t give up and walk to Starbucks for a decaf frappuccino like some people who were walking with me did. I have no idea what my time was because when I crossed the finish line they were timing the second race. So I guess whatever the time is between races, I finished 36 minutes after that. An hour maybe? An hour and 36 minutes? That’s pretty slow, I think.

    Whatever. We finished and that’s all that counts. It wasn’t really that tough either. Turns out the walks I take every day are usually twice as long. Here I was worrying about where I could stop to feed the baby along the way and whether or not I should take the stroller too just in case she got tired of the sling… but it was nothing! She slept the first half of the race and chilled the second. She didn’t start getting fussy until after the race was over and I was in the extremely long line for the free food. Long lines suck. No free food for me. Baby Bug was carrying on so much, I had to cut out of line and hoof it back home so she could have her free food instead. I know. Bummer. Maybe next year. Is free food really that great anyway? I just felt like I oughta get something for my thirty-bucks. The t-shirt isn’t that nice. Oh well…

    All in all it was fun. Everybody adored the baby. We got our picture taken a few times and everybody cheered us on. I think she was the littlest racer there. There were lots of mom’s pushing jogger strollers but most of the kids were toddlers. When I crossed the finish line, the announcer said, “It’s our youngest contestant!” and every body cheered. That felt great. I love getting attention because I have the world’s cutest baby. I think she liked it too.