• Gingermog

    Hello we’ll be waiting for you when you return. Meanwhile I’m reading 2005 archives whilst I have my breakfast. Repeating exactly what I used to do in the mornings of 2005, when I used to live vicariously through your blog reading about your beach life with little BUG, whilst sighing that I was so teathered to urban living. Love you xx

  • SAJ

    Awwww you guys!!! While I get my life together I’m writing over here for money (side hustle) and my client says my blogs aren’t working. Can you go over there and leave some comments or just read so the pinger will ping? I’m telling him his pinger is broke, not my writing. :P https://www.rastarita.com/blog/

  • Erna

    So glad to be able to access your blog again! I come here for inspiration and your wonderful stories and images and panicked a wee bit thinking I missed an update explaining your “sudden” absence. Been reading and following your blog for years and hope to do so for years to come!!

  • Cathy

    Holy frijoles, I haven’t been able to get to your blog for weeks. Impressed with the new header already (but it’s already making me wonder about future calendars hah) Looking forward to your return!

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