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Hello 2023


I wanted to say Happy New Year, but I’m in a grumpy mood. Nothing to worry about. Just working my butt off with two jobs, driving around in torrential rain all the time, and feeling the gloom of not seeing the sun for a week, or is it two weeks? I can’t even remember. It feels like forever. We Southern Californians are not made for this sort of weather. I feel like a plant that is wilting from lack of vitamin D.


I survived Christmas. It was expectedly gloomy due to my lack of family but them’s the breaks when you decide to switch up your life as I did. Freedom comes with its costs. Bug and I opened a few gifts at home and then I actually crashed Toby and his girlfriend’s Christmas which was really sweet. It’s kinda sad when your ex and his girlfriend include you in their plans because they feel sorry for you. But I really felt welcome and enjoyed  their company.


Then in an unexpected twist, Matt (who was down visiting his family in Palm Springs for Christmas) got stuck in Southern California because of the Southwest Airlines fiasco. His flight home to San Francisco was canceled indefinitely so I went and got him and he stayed with us for a week! It was awesome. We attended a super-spreader New Year’s party, and Bug got a chance to really get to know Matt which made me happy. I was nervous they wouldn’t get on but they did.


Oh yeah, this happened too. I was taking Cody for a walk on Christmas Day (and not paying attention because I was taking pictures of the sunrise) and somehow Cody fell into the lake. Yeah, not really an accident. This dog loves to swim. He doesn’t care that I live in an apartment with a white rug and no real bathtub to bathe him in. I tried my best to wash him off in my shower, but I have a rigid shower head, and no detachable hose so the water spray just sort of hit his back end and didn’t do much. I used a cup to douse him over and over with water, but I couldn’t get the lake smell off of him. And of course, all groomers were closed, and I don’t really have the funds for grooming anyway. So he’s still dirty. Good thing I love him. That pretty much sums up my mood: dirty dog, have no funds for extras.

Happy New Year!

I don’t want to end this post like that though. I want to say that the lows are necessary. I’ve had some of my best epiphanies and ideas on days like these. We can’t exist on distractions and happy times alone. It’s good to have lulls so we can pause and reflect and figure out what’s working and what’s not. It’s time to sow the seeds for good times ahead.



  • Cathy

    I felt the sun finally for about 5 minutes today and it felt like a good hug! And I get the feeling your mood will lift soon :) All good thing to you and Bug in this new year! <3

  • Susan

    Geez. Sorry about it all. I think we will get a break from the rain and next time you come to SF I really want to meet up.
    I always feel better in February- the days are slightly longer and my fruit trees begin to bloom Take care

  • Sarah K

    Been reading here for a long time. Just wanted to let you know that this entry really connected with my heart. You’re such an inspiration and I know that good things will continue to come your way. Thank you for being so real and awesome.

  • Leanna

    I can identify. Christmas is just me, hubby and kids but that’s life and we make do with what we have. Happy belated Christmas and New Years!

  • Neslihan

    Have been following you for over years… Somehow our destiny is shared although we do not know each other… Mother of twins, divorced from their father… Thought found love but could not handle his behaviour to my children… Now I am starting a new life myself with 12 year olds… Damn scared but watching you walking on yur own path gives me strength… Wish me luck to find love again…

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