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It’s a Sickness


Hah! It’s Tuesday and I’m blogging AND I have a new banner! Wowie Zowie! One day late for my Monday writing schedule and one day early for my monthly banner schedule. I’d say I’m on fire! It’s hard to believe that only last month I was in the pits of despair. I’ve really bounced back. I’ve actually been a bit manic even. I’m not bipolar, even though I’ve asked my psychiatrist about it many many times, but it does feel like it. I am just a whack-a-doodle. I’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and my very special symptom is TOO MUCH energy. Isn’t that weird? Some people are tired all the time. I’m one of those freaks who can’t stop being busy.

Lately, I’ve been obsessively planning my own fabulous fiftieth birthday party!  I felt guilty about it for a long time because how can I be so shallow as to throw myself a party when the world is crumbling and everyone is coming out of a four-part pandemic? But the more people I shared my ideas with, the more everyone reassured me that it was okay to do what makes me happy. These kinds of plans really do make me happy. It’s a sickness. I get obsessed with one particular subject and I can’t stop. But you already know that. You’ve been coming here for a long time for this particular brand of crazy!

I’m not going to share all of my ideas because I want there to be lots of surprises for everyone who is coming but I will share a few:

  1. brendaritas OF COURSE in pink plastic glasses (pool rules) Maybe the margarita truck?
  2. stickers!
  3. a nostalgic pot luck (I’m super excited about this…think: pop tarts, your mom’s hotdogs, and rice recipe, crockpot queso…all the things!)
  4. you’re old and fabulous bingo!
  5. prizes (I need ideas of things I can make to keep costs down)
  6. dancing (because I am a dancing queen!)
  7. 60s-70s fab-glam dress-up (YES!!!)
  8. an earring making station (pink pom poms, ping pong balls)
  9. photos, photos, photos!
  10. the vector wall will be brought back

In other news:


Yep. It’s peony season. I thought about making a whole post of just peony pictures but I think that might be kind of boring and I’ve done it before. So let’s just slide a few pictures in between talking about illness!


You might have figured it out by now. Bug came down with covid.


She’s fine. Her symptoms are mild. She had one day of aches and pains and loss of half her tastebuds but she’s fine now. Unfortunately, she’s still testing positive and that means we have to quarantine her. It’s like 2020 will never end. We’ve been lucky for a long time to escape catching covid so I guess it’s about time we got it but Bug is super bummed to be missing her last week of school with all the fun of signing yearbooks and saying goodbye to friends for the summer. And then when she’s better she’ll get to go back and take finals. Wooh. Poor kid.


So lots of inside time.


It’s fine for me because I can stay inside and work work work (even catch up!) and plan my crazy party but Bug has been going stir crazy.

Hopefully, she tests negative before the end of the week!


  • eBirdie

    I love peonies, so magical and decadent.

    Sorry for Bug – I hope she’s better soon and good luck to her on her finals. (My daughter is taking a precalc final at this very moment…we’re all so ready for summer!)

  • Cathy

    Your party theme is on point! I have the perfect outfit but you are so far away ;) Hope Bug is better by now, sick is no fun, especially Covid. Hope you stay negative!

  • Susan

    Oh wow. Since I started following you on Instagram, I haven’t kept up with the blog, and I missed a lot! I’m all caught up now, thankfully. I love your writing and your travels, and your photos, and your decorating ability. I too love jacaranda season! So many of those trees in my neighborhood, and they’re delightful.

  • Alexandra

    Love your party planning, makes me happy for you. There is something lovely about doing your own celebration that you know uiu you will absolutely love!!! As for prizes, what about tiny craft kits from your stash, painted rocks, or tiny paintings. Keep blogging, we love to read them!! And glad you are feeling better.

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