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The 2020 SAJ Calendar (rough draft) is HERE!

I know some of you still wait around for these. You are amazingly patient people and I love you. I hope you love this calendar!

Click here to download. (uploading to dropbox this year, crossing fingers it works)

If you know the drill, you know what to do. If you don’t here is a recap: This is the first draft so there might be errors as I hand-typeset this whole thing myself and I am NOT a perfectionist. Please let me know what you find (Get your red pens out, my editor perfectionist friends!) and I will fix and re-upload a new revised draft as soon as this vacationing body can muster.

Happy New Year Everybody! 2020 is going to roar!


  • Cathy

    Yep, I’m a waiter – arounder! But I am no perfectionist either – and I didn’t see any mistakes. Thank you, love it! Happy 2020 (2020!!) to you, Bug, Joon and Payam!

  • turkeylurker

    Thanks again for the great calendar! I noticed you don’t have the end of Ramadan in May (May 24 – 26 on this side of the world).
    Happy New Year from your fan that bumped into you at City Lights Bookstore this summer.

  • Kristen

    A few things I noticed: you have the first day of summer, but I don’t see that for the other seasons. Consider adding the others for the sake of consistency.
    May 10-the zero hits the line
    May 31 is missing. Need to slash the 24th and add it.
    Aug 10 and 20-the zero hits the line
    I’m not Jewish, but I thought “Rosh Hashana” looked wrong. I looked it up, and it seems to be “Rosh Hashanah”. Also, it is a 48 hour observance, so would it be better to state “Rosh Hashanah Begins” ? (Sept 18)
    You probably don’t mean for us to check your artwork, but the notes in December are backwards. (Sorry, pet peeve of mine when I see it!) Exception: the 8th notes by your character are correct!

  • gingermog

    Happy New Year! Loving the new banner! We have no colour printer at the barn (its still dark as Hades out there and I’m sitting at my desk with a woolly hat on and hot water bottle on my lap… just picture it :), so I’ve not printed your calendar yet, but I will its going to be so handy and Matt will love it. xx

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