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    Brenda’s Magic Spice Mix

    I just thought I’d pop in and show you what I’m giving as gifts this Christmas: my magic spice mix! I’m addicted to this stuff. I shake one shake in my coffee everyday and when I run out, I miss it.

    It’s a really simple recipe too:

    • 1 part cardamon (my favorite spice)
    • 1 part turmeric (for all it’s wonderful anti-inflamitory goodness)
    • 1 part cinnamon (because it tastes good!)

    That’s it. I just shovel it all in a bowl and then mix it with a whisk and  pour into my nifty shaker bottles that I ordered off amazon.  So easy, right?

    Then I put on my personalized stickers that I designed and ordered from stickermule and tah-dah! Nifty gift!

    Of course I’m getting people other gifts too (I’m not a total cheapskate) but I like giving this because I think I’m micro-dosing everyone I love with some cancer-protection. Who knows. It might work!

    All for now!


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