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Coyote sighting!

There’s a coyote in our neighborhood who has been openly lurking about in the middle of the day. I’ve seen him four days in a row, but not yesterday. He seems to be minding his own business. He sees me and the dogs but just keeps trotting by. One day I passed him on a foot path that traversed my path and there he was just sitting under a bush, munching on a rabbit. He narrowed his gaze, his ears stood straight up but he made no move towards me or away from me. I fumbled for my phone but ended up getting only a fuzzy shot because I didn’t have the patience to stand there still long enough. I have a feeling I will keep getting chances though.

I’m going to name him Patches. I like to name the neighborhood squirrels, Chippy so it seems appropriate that our neighborhood coyote is named Patches. He has patchy fur on his back. I’m not sure if it’s his natural coloring or if he has battle wounds from fights. He seems healthy enough. He doesn’t seem to be super skinny or act sick. I was talking to some neighbors who were also out when I’ve seen him and everyone seems to be in agreement that he’s really nothing to be afraid of. After all, we do live right next to a nature preserve that is probably his home.

We’re thinking Patches is lurking about because we have new neighbors next door who don’t understand the trash system. They are students going to the local college. Apparently some rich parents bought their daughter a huge big house and she is renting it out to many roommates. We really have no clue just that people are constantly getting dropped off with big suitcases via Lyft or Uber and they don’t speak English. We don’t see them out in the day but their trash on trash day is piled high in their trashcan and over-flowing in flimsy white trash bags stashed around the base of their trash can. Of course this never ends well. Animals (like Patches) come in the night and tear the bags open and strew the trash all over our street and into our front yard. I don’t need to get up in arms about it, the rest of the neighbors have already reported them to the to home owners association. I’m sure the matter will be rectified with an extra-size trash can soon.

But in the meantime we have a new friend, Patches.


  • Gingermog

    Hi, I find coyotes amazing & a bit frightening, they used to prowl around my cousins porch at night when I lived with her for a summer on the outskirts of Vancouver. I’m not used to them or the idea of bears, prowling around!! I read a few articles in the local paper about some trying to attack small children (in remote locations & the mama managed to beat them with the picnic box to chase them off … phew) also neighbours cats would go missing so I’m all, eeeek!

    I do love foxes though which are all over this city, anywhere with a garden & acess to bins. Once I lived in a house in S. London which had a long unused overgrown garden, often a family of foxes would come & sunbathe in the mornings on the tool shed roof papa, mama & two Little’s. The cubs would play in the moonlight & it was magical to witness spying on them from behind the glass. Life is made out of beautiful moments, like drinking Brendaritas with you. Xxxx

    P.s. I agree with your comment or that the patches look like manage, foxes get them too.

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