Let’s Make Matchbox Valentines!


Who wants to make teeny tiny fastidious little matchbox Valentines with tiny bits of paper and tape and glue, paint and and Mod Podge! I do! I do! Nobody else does but that’s why you come here, right? To imagine what it would be like and vicariously live through me. Well, guess what? I love tiny tedious projects like this. The more mess the better. And this one was a doozy.


First, I painted the boxes. It’s a bit of a sticky mess trying to paint them while holding the box with your fingers and getting the paint smudged by your fingers and all over yourself. Of course I should just paint one side at a time and wait for it to dry before moving onto the next but WHO DOES THAT? Not me. I just smudge my way forward.

Most people would cuss and get frustrated at this process but I don’t. It’s like getting on the same freeway and cussing out the traffic everyday. Why bother? It’s the same traffic everyday. Nothing changes? Why not just pop in a podcast, accept that you are going to be staring at break lights for the next hour and just chill? That’s my motto. Pop in a podcast and chill.

It does get easier the more you do it.

Not that I’m an expert at painting but I don’t get that frustrated anymore. I do think my painting skills or choice of paintbrushes needs some work.


After I painted the boxes completely (and let it dry) and then painted flowers and decorations on top of that, I printed out some fiddly little valentine illustrations and got to work cutting them out.


Why, yes, I am quite insane. I love to fiddle! Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle. Sticky tape sticking everywhere and cutting it to small tiny pieces with my trust exacto knife! I need a new self-cutting mat. This one is well-used.


I second-guessed my color choices and didn’t cut everything out perfectly but that’s okay because I am NOT a perfectionist. Stick it and go with it!


I’m actually quite proud of these suckers. Now who to gift them to?


Leave a comment and I’ll pick five readers and send them out like old times via snail mail.

I can’t promise they’ll make it by Valentines’s Day but maybe you don’t mind. :)

18 Comments Let’s Make Matchbox Valentines!

  1. Evilisa

    This is where I would like to mention that six months ago I kicked the man (of 15 years) out of my house. When he announced it on FB (nicest damn thing anyone could ever read) a man that has been flirting with me (and me him) for 25 years sent me a text that read “we might both be single at the same time for the first time”….I took him to a Halloween party and we won 2nd place in the costume contest. Just saying….

      1. Evilisa

        I kicked out my boyfriend. He wrote about it on facebook. A old flame saw it and texted me. I took him to a party and won second place.

  2. Evilisa

    AND let me add – cause this is so damn cute – the FB post came with a song. Life after Lisa by Bowling for Soup. Apparently, I dump nice.

  3. gingermog

    I love these, they are ask cute as a button. Just like you xxx

    P.s. I love anything in a teeny, weeny box. As a kid I used to make tiny pipe cleaner dolls and make them silver paper dresses. One day I’d like to make a teeny, weeny doll house inside a match box.

    1. SAJ

      I take that back. I have picked five but I’m not going to close the comments because then they disappear. But if you comment after this you won’t be able to get a valentine because I only have five. Next time!

  4. Elaine C. B.

    Oh well, I was going to comment in hopes of winning, but I will still say they are super cute! And if I ever get through my homework maybe I will see if I have any matchboxes lying around. Thanks for the inspiration!


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