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46 and Beyond!


I turned forty-six last week. I thought I would write a really long post about all the things I’ve learned in my vast and extensive forty-six years but you know what? I don’t know squat. I have learned a lot of things, most of them private and embarrassing and I think anyone older than me would probably smile and roll their eyes over. I hate it when I read posts from thirty-year-olds thinking they are so smart so I’m going to be even smarter and stay mum. All of you youngsters can learn the hard way just like I did. Just kidding. Let’s take a walk sometime and I’ll share some wisdom privately. Or just laugh. That’s good too.

Anyway, this birthday was kind of a bust. First of all it was the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR, clocking in at a sweaty 108 degrees. That meant we pretty much bunkered down the hatches (aka closed all the windows and  drew all the shades), turned on the AC and didn’t leave the house all day.

I did, however, leave the house in the morning to have breakfast with my pack of girlfriends. Do you have a pack of girlfriends? They are the best thing ever. Everyone should have a pack. There are five of us and we go out to breakfast monthly. Sometimes we go on excursions. Sometimes we bring each other food when we are sick or having surgery.

This birthday my friend Ana gave me a gold friendship bracelet, the fancy kind from Nordstroms. I love being a grown up and getting grown-up friendship bracelets. I like regular friendship bracelets too but I love this one so much because I feel like I’m part of secret club and when you get into your forties you trade up from embroidery floss to GOLD. Age has perks!


So yeah, it was hot.

Payam promised to make me the chocolatiest of chocolate cake and EVEN THOUGH IT WAS 105 degrees in our kitchen he persevered and made it for me anyway!! I couldn’t even believe it. There he was wearing his batman apron and dripping in sweat while he mixed and measured and the OVEN PREHEATED. That is LOVE folks.

It was really really good too. Flourless so it pretty much tasted like dark-chocolate-flavored butter which is my favorite! That evil cake called to me all week long. “I’m in the fridge, Brendaaaaa…. You know you want me….” I’m telling myself that since it didn’t have flour in it it was Keto or Adkins or something. We’ll see what the scale says next week.

Isn’t it amazing how resilient our bodies are? If you eat a 2000-calorie piece of cake  you can get on the scale the next day and it won’t budge. You’ll amazingly stay the same weight. BUT you can also work-out for two weeks straight and eat 1400 calories a day and it won’t budge either so there’s that. Resilience baby.


The other reason my birthday was a bust was that every single night of my birthday week, Joon had rehearsal for the play she was in this summer. We had planned to go to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner the night before my birthday but of course a last-minute dress rehearsal was called and that jacked that up and then opening night was my actual birthday so it just didn’t happen. We had McDonald’s instead.

Whine, whine, whine. Would you like a glass of wine?

I was a diva about it for about half a day and then I snapped to my senses and realized that this play Joon was in was REALLY COOL and I need to grow up and be the bigger person. She didn’t have a big part or anything but it was a fun summer camp that lasted a month and a half and she made a ton of friends and really enjoyed herself. I was the idiot fool that happened to have a birthday right when it ended. I should have been born in August instead. And really? Do I need more than breakfast with my girlfriends, a gold friendship bracelet, the chocolatiest-chocolate cake ever AND my kids singing me happy birthday at ten o’clock at night? No, I do not. It was NOT a bust it just was challenged. A very challenged 46th birthday.

I did however tell Joon that if she wants to be in a play on my 50th birthday, I’m not going. She can send me a birthday photo postcard of her and the cast to my hotel in Paris.


And that was that!

Here are some pictures from my morning walks with the dogs. We’ve moved our walks earlier and earlier to beat the heat which makes for prettier pictures with better light. I’ve finally cracked the dog-walking code. In order to really enjoy dog walks you have to find a podcast you really like. I don’t dread them anymore. I think of dog walks as my podcast hour instead and sometimes I even find myself taking the long way home because I’m so hooked. Summer-2018-Swimsuit-Cover-ups-1

In other summertime news we made the most awesome swimsuit cover-ups on Alphamom this week. They were so fun to make! I’m sure this craft has been around forever but when I searched it on pinterest very little came up.

Joon showed me how to make really cool starburst designs and Bug outdid herself in stencil work. We spent hours on them, which when combatting summertime boredom translates to major currency. They didn’t binge-watch Friends (what they’ve been doing all summer) for three hours straight which says a lot.


Then they we headed off to Payam’s mom’s pool for a photoshoot. They turned out great. Don’t you love how Joon’s personality is so different from Bug. They are both nutballs but Joon is definitely the more out-going of the two.


It was a really big deal that Bug finally got up enough courage to jump off the diving board. So much of a big deal that she asked me to document it on sport-mode. Gifs all around!


Happy Summer!


  • Jen

    That sounds like an overall great birthday. I love my pack of friends! Just when I start feeling like I’m lost in momming and stressed out, I’ll get a text that we’re meeting for breakfast or a fun outing and I feel the stress melt away. Trading embroidery floss for gold, so sweet. That cake sounds amazing. Yay for loved ones who literally sweat away in the kitchen, hahaha.

  • Evilisa

    Sounds like a perfect birthday celebration to my 54 yo self. I do agree you should splurge on the big 50 but I assure you when it happens, it just isn’t that big a deal anymore. I’m weirdly happier since I had that birthday.

    I just adore Payam; he is a delight. Y’all are doing those girls such a good dead by giving them both a sister. They look fantastic and happy.

    Happy birthday to you and thank you for the happy post.

  • J.

    I do not have a pack of girlfriends. I have always wished for one. I think I am missing the gene for female friendships. It’s a bummer.

  • Lynne

    Happy belated Birthday my lovely friend. I have a few little somethings to send you in the post but I am guilty of procrastinating big time A) is because I’ve had massive inflammation this past week or so in my hands and wrists boo, which has led to be having to do literally nothing for a few days whist I healed a bit … this goes so against my nature which always likes to be busy and B ) Matt and I elected to put in a new kitchen a few weeks ago in our tiny studio, not really anticipating fully the mayhem and disruption fitting your own kitchen is… and working around electricians… dust chaos and generally not being able to find a darn thing.

    We’ve been having a heatwave too, which my sun loving self revels in, but as our highs are only mid 80’s cough, cough in comparison to your over 100’s ( Holy guacamole!) I don’t feel I can complain about, sticky sleepless nights, etc. We are amateurs. I did experience 117 once in Las Vegas and again at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. My boots melted there! Foreals! The sand was so hot, they were proper walking boots too, a good make. I had to ride out on a pony :)

    If your having a 50’s bash in Paris may I invite myself??

    I’ll let you know when I get the parcel in the post. Sending love xxxxxx

    • SAJ

      Oh Lynn! So many things!

      1. Never feel bad about procrastinating with me. I am an expert at it.
      2. I’m worried about you! I hope you are not allergic to something in the construction dust. Feel better and take it easy.
      3. I don’t love anything over 72 either. Sticky sleepless nights are the worst. We have air conditioning (which we don’t usually use) so we are actually feeling like we are living in a palace lately!
      4. Yes of course you are invited to Paris ! Now I really want to go. You probably speak French which would be so helpful.
      5. xoxox!

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