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Summer Check In

summer2 Hi! Just checking in with some summer updates.

This whole working from home while your kid spaces out self-educates on YouTube is working out for me. She’s quiet all morning and I get so much work done. Who knew! I like to think she’s watching educational videos (which she is! How to marker-pen your own Graffitti? Check!) but apparently she’s also found the dark side of YouTube and fell down some rabbit hole that lead her to see some scary Bloody Mary video that has her afraid of our walk-in closet.

Seriously. I’ve babysat kids who live in mansions who are afraid to walk down the long hallway to their bedrooms but we live in a one-bedroom apartment!  You can’t go anywhere in our house without being within hearing distance. So we’re dealing with that and she’s been banned to her kid-approved profile on Netflix. Before you turn me in for being a horrible parent, please note that we promptly clock-out at 2pm and head to the pool EVERY DAMN DAY. Tough life, man.summer1 Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming… summer3 In other news, do you see that we missed the Trader Joes peaches recall by one digit!! But hey, the box makes a great cat bed! summer4 Soccer starts this fall and Bug is SO excited. She had trials this week to find out what team she’ll be on and when I thought she’d be timid and scared (because she’s never played before and most of the kids there had) she was bounding with energy and enthusiasm. She made a bunch of rookie mistakes but I think she’s going to do great.

This is my life now! I’m going to be a soccer mom! I’m going to have to eat all those jokes I made about soccer moms slicing oranges while they drive volvos…  I’m a little afraid of how much of a commitment it will be (how many practices will there be and will I remember my chair and sunscreen?!!) but I’m looking forward to it.summer5And last but not least, I’ve got a few posts up on Alpha Mom on Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure.  What can I say? It’s been a fun, crazy summer so far. How’s yours?


  • Yara

    I was all smiles until the Disney stuff. Now I’m all jealous and pouty. Your life is rough, man. But hey, your car is much cuter than a Volvo.

  • Sonja

    How soccer mom of me is it that I actually kind of swooned at the mention of a Volvo? Perhaps I’m just really annoyed with my little car. :)

  • BeachMama

    Ha! Soccer Mom!! You are going to love it! I am jealous of your work schedule, although during the school year my schedule is similar, summer seems to suck the schedule out of us. Although I am truly not complaining as we are blessed to have an ocean to play with and the means to play, we don’t take it for granted one bit. Just means that we have to work harder when we are home.

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