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    Storm Watch 2014



    I’m having a party this weekend and not only are we having 100% chance of rain on the day of the party, we are having the biggest storm that anyone has EVER seen* in Southern California. To anyone else in any other state this would just be a warm spring drizzle but to us it’s life-threatening. Roads are slick, actual coats (not hoodies) must be worn and $1.50 umbrellas from the Japanese 99 cent store DO  NOT WORK.

    I’m pretty sure that nobody can find a babysitter because nobody is going out to brave the weather.

    I guess that means a whole bunch of delicious Thai food all for me!

    At least the flowers will be happy.

    *thank you Calee for that link.

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    An Authentic Thai Dinner Party


    Guess what?  I am perking on another shindig: A Thai Dinner Party!  My friend Aaron Blue of The Charis Project is in the states for a few days to drum up some money for their cause and they asked me to put together a little dinner party for the occasion.  You don’t have to ask me twice. I am so excited! I LOVE Thai food and I never say no to party planning.

    So far I have secured a venue (a fabulous house!) and ordered some colorful paper globes and parasols. I’m planning to make Thai iced tea and serve it in my tall, skinny bud vase glasses, perhaps garnished with some dendrobium orchids if I can figure out how to do that without anyone ingesting them. Aaron will cook something way off the usual California Thai restaurant menu (Possibly pad krapow! Though we’re not so sure how that will go down on an electric stove..) and I will provide some kind of elaborate (carved?) fruit platter and some veggie spring rolls. I love spring rolls.

    I still have some lose ends though. What kind of alcoholic beverage should I serve? I don’t want things to get too rowdy so maybe basil mojitos should stay off the menu and I should stick to beer and wine? Also, where can I find those bamboo boat plates? Or something pretty and cheap to serve our fancy food on? Banana leaves?  Has anyone thrown a Thai themed party before? I’d love any suggestions!

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress and if you live locally, email me. If you’re nice I’ll see if I can score you an invite, though space is limited.

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    1. vegan spring rolls 2. pad krapow 3. fruit and vegetable sculpture 4. homemade thai iced tea 5. paper parasols 6. bamboo boats (?) 7. dendrobium orchids