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I turned forty-one last week. I wasn’t going to throw myself a party or anything since I really went all out last year…but well, you know me. I can’t resist! So I threw a tiny last minute get together instead. I didn’t even send out invites. That’s not as bad, right?

My birthday landed on a Saturday and the strawberries were looking so good in the market so I hatched up a plan to have a strawberry shortcake party. I know. You and everyone I invited thought I was going to break out the Strawberry Shortcake dolls but no… strawberry shortcake is actually a historically wonderful summer dessert. It was my Grandpa’s favorite. It brings back so many wonderful memories of summers with my grandparents.

I baked up a bunch of Bisquick biscuits, sliced all the strawberries, made some homemade whipped cream and then we had a picnic on the grassy knoll outside my apartment with all kinds of strawberry drinks. Strawberry beer, Brendaritas, and strawberry lemonade. I was going to make strawberry daiquiris too but we all voted for less sugary drinks in the end.

I was afraid the Irvine Company aka The Capital was going to bust me for having a party *with drinks* on the public open space but they didn’t. I even asked beforehand—which could have been a huge mistake but they said as long as nobody got too rowdy we were fine. Of course nobody was too rowdy. We’re just a bunch of moms. Well, I take that back. The kids were plenty rowdy. I should have thought up some games for them. It was a late party though. I thought kids would be staying in after 7pm but I was wrong. It’s summer! Duh!

Anyway, it was really fun. I love strawberry shortcake. If you have never tried it. I recommend you go to the farmer’s market the next chance you get and buy yourself a flat of strawberries and make some!


  • Aspenroad

    Hi Brenda, just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Strawberry Shortcakes or anything Strawberry are summer favourites for me too. Also I downloaded the three Bunny books yesterday and my grand daughter loves them. She is three so repeat, repeat, repeat but she learns so much from your books and they are funny too. Thanks!

  • Heather Sanders

    Absolutely hate that I missed it, but it looks as though the celebration was great fun! I can’t believe it has been a year since the 40 Rocks gathering. Well…41 will rock as well!

  • Melissa

    YUM! The strawberries are one thing I miss about SoCal! So fresh. I mean, we get strawberries in Tennessee, but they’re SoCal berries, so by the time they get to us, they aren’t as beautiful.

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