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Happy New Year’s!

My desperate attempt to stay up until midnight. #earlybirdproblems

I wanted to stay up and celebrate New Years last night but I lasted until 11:30. So typical. And that was even after drinking a cup of coffee at ten.

This year I'm totally making new year's resolutions.

I made five out of twelve of my goals in 2012. Not too great. But I kinda like that I even made those. So when I get a chance to sit in quiet and type (not happening for a while) I’m going to make some more for 2013. But I’m definitely not going to make any goals about losing weight. That’s just foolishness.


  • Cathy

    Happy New Year to you and Bug! I think you’ve accomplished a lot this year and should be darn proud of yourself. You’re inspiring!

  • Colleen

    Your list was very inspiring, not to mention that you were being a fab mom to your fab kid in between all of those goals. Accomplishing FIVE is HUGE and congrats! And I agree in the weight stuff, it’s not worth the angst. You are beautiful as you are and really its all about health and being well.

  • Holli

    I think you should be extremely proud of your accomplishments! Give yourself the credit you deserve because some of what you did was probably really hard. PS-I love your blog and I am thankful to you for sharing your perspective and adventures. Blessings in the new year!

  • a chris

    In those five I see at least three really big ones though. And not everything big you accomplished was written there. I’m giving you a pretty high score on that list and I’m going to take it as motivation to get my own act rolling.