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Feeling Forty

It's a great day to fly!

My big birthday bash week has finally rolled around. Bug went on a camping trip with her dad and I jetted off to Northern California to spend the week with my good friend (and fairy godmother), Susan.

Finally! LGB : Dinkiest airport ever.

It was hard to say goodbye to Bug because we literally have been inseparable since her birth but I felt like it was a good growing pain for both of us to go through. I know her dad loves her very much and I know she’ll have a really good time even though I miss her with the heat of a thousand suns. There’s been one tearful phone call when she was really tired and bored but other than that all her phone calls to me have been pretty much a rushed, Love you too, mom, gotta go! So I think she’s having a good time.


And boy am I having a good time! I don’t even know where to start. First of all I’m staying at Susan’s house and Susan is the best hostess there ever was. This is NOT going to be a bootcamp kind of camp because we have been eating eating eating and not exercising all that much. Though I do plan to change that because I hear there are some amazing hiking trails around here.

Me n OMSH!

But also I am having a blast because my friend Heather flew in early too. She had to get her money’s worth after all since she’s coming all the way from Texas.

@omshdesign is baaaaaaack on instagram. It only took me 30 minutes to wear her down.

You all know what a hoot Heather can be.

Yeah, she’s like that all the time. I really need to start filming her secretly because she is that much entertainment.


I thought I’d share a few instagrams:


Susan’s fun hallway filled with paper cranes.

Crazy kitchen chandelier at Susan's. Untitled

Her crazy kitchen chandelier. As you can see, Susan is a very colorful person. Her house is like a museum. Everywhere you turn there’s something fun to look at and usually an amazing story to go with.


Right now I’m staying in her “Angel” bedroom. It is filled with little angel figurines and flowers. As you can see, we are not roughing it here at this “camp.” I don’t even know why I decided to call it a camp because it’s more like a five star resort but I kinda got stuck on the idea of a bunch of middle-aged women hanging out and calling it “midlife crisis” camp. It’s a fun theme even if we aren’t really camping.

Cute plates!

Some pretty dishes at a restaurant we went out to the first night. Almost too pretty to eat on!

Untitled Butternut squash ravioli!

But eat we did. Butternut squash ravioli, my new favorite! So delicious!



Then we walked the little downtown main street. Susan lives in the cutest little mountain mining town. I don’t have many good photos yet but I intend to get some.

Untitled Untitled

The next morning we woke up in the middle of a forest and had breakfast on Susan’s patio under the trees. Aren’t Susan’s dishes cute?

Buster. His owner said "I'm going to walk Buster." and @heathersanders_omsh said, "You're going to Blockbuster?" So now he's Blockbuster to me.

I made friends with Susan’s dog, Buster. A funny story: Susan’s significant other said he was going to walk Buster but Heather thought he said he was going to Blockbuster so now the dog will forever be called Blockbuster to me. He’s a super sweet old dog who can’t really see anymore and mostly just likes to lay around and look pretty.

Untitled Untitled

We’ve been getting ready for the rest of the guests to get here…


You know me, a party isn’t a real party if there isn’t some kind of gift bag. These are some woodsy owl bags from Paper-Source. Love them.

I love @remembermiro !

With Miro notebooks inside! You probably already know what a huge fan I am of Miro and they were kind enough to gift us notebooks for every guest. How sweet is that? We might even have to have a mandatory sketch session just to show our appreciation.

This is NOT boot camp.

More food. Susan is the BEST cook!

And sunsets in the trees.


This photo inspired my new banner. I just love it here.


  • Alma

    Love this post!
    What a great way to enjoy your 40th!
    I like you have moved into a new home and will be celebrating 40 this year too.
    It must be hard being away from Bug, my son took a trip to visit my dad last year by himself on a plane and he was 10 years old.
    It was killer but so worth it.
    I love your friend Susan and her funky sense of style too.
    Happy belated from Savannah Georgia!

  • OMSH

    I can’t believe you posted that video woman! But YES! We are having FUN and I am soooooooooo enjoying Susan (who wouldn’t) and this beautiful town!

  • Hil

    I always come back to your blog because it has such hopefulness and sparkle. Lots of lovely reds in these pics. I draw inspiration from you! Happy birthday, beauty!

  • lisabella

    What fun! I hope you will identify the “mining town” in Northern California. I love California Gold Country and often visit Murphys, just off Hwy 49 on Hwy 4. Susan’s town looks familiar, but all my photos of Gold Country are during the day…now I have a new photography assignment for myself.

    Also, I love the paper cranes! There’s nothing like a girls’ day out (or camp out!) to rejuvenate the soul!

  • Cathy

    I saw those owl bags today at Paper Source – so cute! Happy 40th, Ms SAJ! You know 40 is the new 30, right?

  • Mrs. Wilson

    Your new banner is beautiful!!

    I’m so glad you are having such a great time, and that Bug is, too. I hope the rest of your time, with your guests arriving, is fabulous!!

  • Amy

    Oh Man, I want to move in with Susan…

    Looks like you are having a blast :) All good and Happy 40th! you spring chicken!

  • gingermog

    Love OMSH’s video I should play it every day before I begin work to buck my ideas up. Looked like you had super fun for your birthday and I am glad. Also I may “adopt” Susan’s paper crane ideas. Just lovely. Wishing you lots of good things. Uber hugs xx