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    The Fourth with the Niece-com-poops

    My cute nieces.

    My mom brought my nieces up to our “camp” for the fourth. It was so good to see them and my brother and sister-in-law. Kinda made me miss Bug more but still so wonderful to have family around.


    Please forgive the blurry phone photo. My real camera is having some focusing issues (I’m going to have to send it in I’m afraid) so I’ve been opting to use the phone and it’s not really doing anybody any favors.

    Yum! Untitled

    Susan made us amazing food. I might have to tie her to her bed to make her stop working so hard.

    My bro and niece.

    My bro.


    The two Susans. Well one of them is spelled with a z but you get the idea.


    Who invited the dog? Not me! But she won us over quickly with her sweetness.


    And fireworks! Who said Rapunzel could grow up to be so beautiful? Dang it!



    They make me wish I had a sister.


    Good thing I have a lot of sisterly friends and a few super duper sisters-in-law!

    Happy Belated Fourth everybody!

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    40 Rockin’


    40 ROCKS


    Rock project.

    Rock painting is quite fun. The pens are a bit fussy but so worth it. You just have to be careful you don’t start talking with one in your hand and wave it about and splash white paint all over your face. It’s very difficult to wash off.


    I could do this for hours and I plan to!

    They're multiplyin'!



    I’m sure I’ll be posting about this again. It’s just too much fun!

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