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Moodboard: Camp Style

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A lot of my favorite style blogs do this: reposting of images from other blogs. I usually don’t like to do that. Actually I never do that because I’d rather create my own content but lately I’ve been finding myself lost in the land of pinterest. I really hope they work out their copyright issues because pinning is such an amazing tool for the creative process. It’s a wonderland of visual images that goes on and on and on…I use it for everything.

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Right now you can see I’m on a camp kick.

Campy, vintage, summer, sisterhood…

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What’re you inspired by right now?


  • gingermog

    What am inspired by right now? Your spirit! :)

    The thought of camping in the woods, the sun shining though the leaves making pretty, shifting patterns on pine needle covered ground. The scent of bluebells and wild garlic.

    I never got to be a girl scout but I used to build wigwams in the woods as a kid.

  • Kuky

    I don’t know how Pinterest is going to fix the copyright issues unless they have private boards. Or if people pin images with permission from the photographer. That’s the only way I can see. Now I only pin images with a pin it button. If it doesn’t have it I don’t pin it or I save it privately where no one else can see it (not through Pinterest). I could ask the photographer but that’s an extra step that takes longer so I just keep moving on.

    But anyhoo I had a point to my comment. And I completely forgot what it was.

    Thinking. Thinking. Oh yeah. I love seeing what you pin. And girl scouts seems so fun but is it actually the boy scouts fun I’m thinking of? What do girl scouts do? Sell cookies? Do they do all the fun stuff with badges and camping too? As you can probably guess, I was never a girl scout either.

  • bethany actually

    @Kuky, Girl Scouts TOTALLY do all the fun camping stuff too! My friend Erin was a Girl Scout right up till she graduated high school, and she camped all the time and did a couple of really fun trips to other parts of the country, one to Minnesota to canoe the Boundary Waters for a week or two–pretty hard-core stuff.

    I’m inspired by good writing, by the right words used in the right order to make my heart sing. :-)

  • Susan:)

    I was a Girl Scout from age 8 until my freshman year of college, and my favorite thing was camping! Our troop went camping together during the school year, and I went to camp every summer. And Bethany, I went on that same canoe trip in the Boundary Waters when I was 16. It was the best trip, ten days of canoeing and primitive camping in the lakes of northern Minnesota and southern Canada. Hard work, but worth it! I really miss camping.

    I love all those photos!

  • Andrea

    I’m a pinterest addict, and being a hew mum I am inspired by handmade toys…. But then my pinterest boards have things like ‘organic grey’ ‘ woven things’ ‘chair fetish’ and other things I never knew I was so interested in until pinterest. It makes me want to get making and painting and cOoking and gardening and all kinds of positive things….