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Owt and Abowt on a Regular Schwedule


I’ve got some posts elsewhere I thought I’d alert you guys to:

A review of the Tea Collection. Beautiful dresses for pretty little girls.

yay! crafts!

A review of Kiwi Crate, a box of crafts that comes in the mail!

Neither of these reviews offers a giveaway so there’s no knock down drag out to comment and win any $100 giftcards but that doesn’t mean they aren’t products worth reading about. I liked both products and I’m proud to have them on my review blog.

Queen Vashti and Haman

And while I’m linking I might as well link my Purim mask printables. Purim is over but the story of Esther never is. I’m thinking of giving the masks to Bug’s Sunday School teacher myself. (If the link doesn’t work that’s because there’s been some major internet drama going on over there that I am marginally involved in. Boo and hiss to people who think they can rip off other people’s work.)