The Zoo

kitten action

padding along kitten actiity

The kittens are mobile and it turns out they are very hard to photograph when they are moving around so much. They do not stay still!

In fact, the other night when we came home from a weekend at the beach and we went to the usual place in the bathroom shower where they used to live, we were totally shocked to see that they were GONE!! No kittens anywhere! I thought maybe someone stole them. Mama cat, Aqui, was there. She was pacing back and forth, acting all nervous but the kittens were no where in sight. I looked high and low and they finally showed up in Bug’s room sleeping in a pile next to some of her bedding. Silly kittens. You just never know where they are going to show up now.

coming and going

Their little legs are wobbly and they kind of splay out behind them when they walk on the slippery linoleum but that doesn’t stop them. They have a fervent curiosity and will go anywhere to see what’s to be seen.

following mama

Especially after their mama, the walking milk bar.


Where you going little asterisk butt?


You better watch out. There are scary creatures lurking about.


Zoom! Zoom!

so funny! Bug and her kitty

Bug thinks they’re a riot.

Nanny Holly

Holly doesn’t seem to mind. This morning Holly was walking down the hallway one way and a little kitten, with his tail sticking up straight in the air (all one inch of it), was walking the other. They had a stand-off for a few seconds and guess who backed up? Not the kitten. Holly did. I don’t know if it was out of respect or fear but I’m thankful she’s not the kitten-eating kind of dog. She seems to be protective of them and licks them now and then which is kind of sweet.

mew mew

Maybe they are kind of scary. Nah. They look like they are hissing in this photo but they are actually just incessantly mewing as they are wont to do when they can’t find their milk bar. Aqui likes to take little mini-vacations from them and they do not like that. But I’m not too worried about them because their bellies are so round and full. Having kittens with a built-in mother is soooo much better than bottle feeding. They are soft and fluffy and they don’t have goop in their eyes or anything funky like that. They seem to be the picture of health.


Aqui is a very good mama.

good mama


And she’s still a kitten herself!

holding "gently" kitty hugs

They’re so cute I almost don’t mind the fact that I now have to clean out a smelly cat box twice a day. But I will be glad when the kittens are grown and off in their new homes and I can let Aqui be an outside cat again.


  • bethany actually

    Oh, they’ve learned how to use the litterbox!? Whew! I mean, I’m sorry you have to clean it out, but so glad they are being trained. :-) They’re so stinking cute, and I’m sad we’re not there to play with them now! (Don’t I remember Suki wearing that dress a couple years ago?)

  • Kate

    I’ve sorry to say that you just lost a reader. I’ve done keeled over DEAD. From the CUTENESS. O.M.G.

    I want that gray and white kitty fluffball!!! GIMME GIMME.

    Seriously, if I lived anywhere near you I’d take a couple. I love me some kitties! And those are extra cute.

  • Stacy

    I’m cracking up about “asterisk butt”!! My old roommate used to call it his cat’s balloon knot.

  • Meemo

    Make sure to fix Aqui ASAP or she will get pregnant again on one of her little vacations from the kittens. It happens quicker than you think and you’ll be in the same boat you’re in now if you’re not careful. Speaking from experience here. And my boats about to to sink due to too many stinking cats.

    SAJ says: I was actually just worrying about that. Will make vet appointment tomorrow first thing!

  • gingermog

    What a lovely blog post to wake up too. I can just imagine bugs happiness as the kitties crawl all over her. Kittens are magic (I’m sure puppies are too). I’m glad that holly isn’t jealous. She looks like the kind it dog I’d like to have around, but I live in a teenie flat and I think my own cat (who is presently curled up in my lap purring ) would leave home. We tried to introduce her to a friends dog as a young kitty, but she was having none of it and yowled and spat at this sweet dopey dog who looked very confused at the tiny dervlish creature.

  • n-onymous

    Yes, do it as soon as possible – we had to keep Cassie in an extra few weeks because it took us a month to get her an appointment

    But I’ve got my twins sleeping on me as I type, one squished between my leg and the arm of the recliner, and the other on top of my right arm with his head on the opposite arm of the recliner. 3 1/2 months … they are cats now. Very young cats, but cats.

  • sizzle

    Those kittens are killing me with their cute. Makes me remember when my fur balls were little babies. I also remember how they never let me sleep because night time meant play time. I hope they all find good homes!

  • Becca

    That last one with Bug and the squacking/meowing kitten is the best. It’s almost like she is squeezing him/her a smidge too hard.

    And I’ll say it again – really good thing you are not near me. I have a weakness for all things adorable, especially teeny adorable kittens.

  • Kristen

    I love, love, love those pictures! They are sooooo cute….and those little kitten butts! And I’m glad you will get Aqui fixed soon; I’ve been thinking about that. (And the picture with Holly and the kitten…TOO ADORABLE!)

  • Amy

    I really want my 5 year old to have the experience of a kitten, but I don’t want two cats, and Jerome hasn’t been a kitten since well before my daughter was born! I might just have to cave and accept being a 2-cat family.

  • kristie

    I am decidedly a dog person but I am totally in love with these kittens and their mama. Bug looks like she could burst from the happiness!

  • TexasLea

    Yes, on the spay thing do it really quick! A female cat can become pregnant again within days of weaning the kittens! I speak from experience here on that one.

    Oh and also from experience…. you may have an indoor/ outdoor cat, but you will never have an OUTDOOR only cat again Brenda. Aqui will come in the house if she wants to and it doesn’t matter one bit if you want her to or not. Again, just speaking from experience. Cat’s are crafty little buggers when it comes to getting their way!

  • BB from Dot

    It’s a good thing I don’t live anywhere near you. I want them all! Especially Aqui with her gorgeous green eyes.

  • Alexandra

    I must echo the OMG of others of the cuteness overload. So sweet and I love the picture where they look like they are hissing but are mewing. They are gorgeous and they do look incredibly healthy–good job to you and Aqui! I also would be very tempted to get one if I weren’t thousands of miles away too!