• BIG news,  Bug,  elsewhere!



    Yesterday was Bug’s first day of kindergarten. It was a huge deal for us. I posted some photos over at Alpha+Mom of our little before school photo session. (There’s also a FREE printable and the chance to win $100 from Target. Cha-ching! You might want to click over.)

    So far she seems to like school. Her teacher is super nice and understandably a bit overwhelmed. There are 31 students in her class! Yikes.

    This is all Bug has had to share with me so far:

    1. The other kids thought the banana bread muffin I packed for her snack was funny. Apparently home-baked goods are not in style.
    2. Milk comes in a bag that you poke with a straw and it doesn’t even spill!
    3. They sit on a rainbow carpet and Bug sits on orange. This is very important.
    4. She doesn’t remember her new friend’s name. But she likes blue!
    5. She really needs to pack blue juice next time so the boys think she is cool.
    6. Her teacher reads stories and does all the voices. (huge win)
    7. I really need to fix the handle on her Hello Kitty lunchbox. It broke.

    And that’s all she shared! So far so good. I didn’t know there would be so much peer pressure over what I packed for lunch but I think I can roll with it. I might have to pull out some mad bento box skillz.