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working hard for the money

I almost forgot to mention that I’m reviewing some creamers over on my review blog. Finally something I’m good at! Drinking coffee! Click over and comment so you can possibly win $100 visa card.

slightly off center

AND! I have re-listed my alphabet cards and put up my 2nds on sale half price! (I finally unpacked that box in my closet.)


They were printed just slightly off-center and I’m out of bags for them so they’re wrapped in paper. I think they’re just as good as the originals though, so if you wanted some pretty cards at a discount, now’s your chance!

she loves it!

Bug uses hers up on the wall anyway so maybe you’re like her and you don’t need a bag. We actually use them all the time because she’s constantly asking me how to spell words. I got tired of showing her how to write letters. Now if she doesn’t know a letter, I just say the animal it goes with and she can look up at her wall for reference. I had no idea back when I made these they’d be so helpful!