BIG news,  Bug


This sort of freaked me out when she showed me last night. Isn’t it a little soon to be losing teeth already? She just turned five in January. But I looked it up and apparently it’s somewhat normal.


  • Jamie

    My little girl turned 5 in Feb and her tooth is uber-wiggly. :) She said that the tooth-fairy will bring her 10 coins, but she didn’t specify. heehee

  • Madge

    I was under the assumption 5 was the norm because that’s when Clarabelle and a good portion of her classmates started losing their teeth. I’ve been wiggling Pixie’s teeth every day to see if they are lose yet, haha

    So, are you gonna just let it kind of do it’s own thing or are you going to yank on that sucker? I have a hard time pulling on those things, it grosses me out!

  • SAJ

    I’m going to let it fall out or let her Daddy handle it. I HATE teeth-pulling with a passion due to my own tooth retardation. My teeth never fell out normally and had to be pulled by a dentist. So I guess I should be thankful she seems to be ahead of the game.

  • Katie

    OMG I’m not ready for that! My son turned 5 in February…… :| I’m not ready to deal with loosing teeth.. He wasn’t supposed to grow up so fast.

    oo and then there’s the helping it come out that needs to be done sometimes… I think I just died.. I need some chocolate stat…. lol

  • Yara

    Lisa turned 8 in January. Her 3rd tooth is just starting to get wiggly.
    Lorelei hasn’t lost any teeth yet.

  • Cc

    Suki has lost 2 teeth in the last three days. She hates it.

    When it gets to the point that it’s do loose its just dangling we break out the dental floss and Popsicles.

    Tie the floss around the bottom of yhe tooth. Sometimes there’s only one corner attached. Let a long piece dangle from the mouth.

    Suck on the Popsicle. This helps mimimize bleeding and crying.

    Let her tug on the floss a little. The tooth should come out easily.

    In our house the tooth goes in/under a cup so the tooth fairy can get to it easily.

    First tooth is $1. All other teeth are .50 until you start loosing molars, they’re a dollar each.

  • grandma sugar

    No fun. Your teeth were such a problem. When the new ones came in we had to have the old ones pulled and then you had to have braces but it was all worth it, right?

  • Angella

    I can’t watch the video because wiggly teeth make me squirm. Matthew’s pulled out a few of the kids’ teeth and I had to leave the room.

    Go, Bug! Growing up so fast…

  • Christine

    I think girls lose them before boys, and 6-7 is what I always thought of as the usual age. But Bug’s precocious! Very exciting.
    I think we’ll be waiting a while longer before the rest of my Monkey’s teeth catch up with the gap he made when he knocked out a front tooth at 11 months.

  • a chris

    Congratulations, Bug! Wow. A real big kid now. What happened to the days when you fit inside a colander?

    Glad to see (now that I hear about it) that Bug hasn’t inherited the teeth-not-coming-out-by-themselves problem.

    Funny how it’s so awesome to lose a tooth when you’re a kid, but now if I dream about losing teeth it’s a nightmare. That’s the difference between being on the upslope of life and being on the downslope, eh?

    Ho hum, I’d still rather be me now than do childhood all over again.

  • jenifer

    Awww,they are always so proud! She is cute! The loose tooth thing has always grossed me out, haha. Mine lost his at not quite 4 1/2 and lost a total of 8 by the time he was 5. he is 6 1/2 now and has yet to lose another one.

  • gingermog

    Oh wow stand by for a visit from the tooth fairy. What’s the going rate these days per tooth? A dollar? I hope Bug is not freaked out by her tooth being loose, I remember it being an odd sensation and not happy about it.

    My much older sisters and brother in law ( at that point to be) used to threaten me with tying my loose tooth with thread to the door handle and slamming the door shut. Another time I was chased around the garden with a pair of pliers. Humph not always fun being the youngest. How did I know they were kidding? And then there was that time my sister staged a beheading … I ramble on :)

  • gingermog

    P.s. May I say you and Bug have lovely teeth, just like a Colgate advert. Have you ever seen the film Austin Powers? The quip about how dreadful British teeth are, its mostly quite true :)

  • Erin

    By the time my son was half way through kindergarten I think he had lost more teeth than he had…. I liked to say that he was “dentally advanced”…. everyone has their thing you know! ha!

  • Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

    In mid February, my then 5 year old lost both of her bottom front teeth in the same week! I was shocked as well. But what I was most shocked about was the price that the Tooth Fairy pays for teeth nowadays…$3-5 for ONE TOOTH!

    Oh and me being still new to this mom gig, I forgot the fairy dust. Apparently that’s a cardinal sin as I was quickly and severely chastised for this when I announced it on twitter as my “oops uninformed Mommy moment.”