Bug,  Super Dad

Snow Day with Daddy!

going to the snow!

The day after the crazy princess party birthday bash, Toby took Bug to the snow and this time he took my point-and-shoot waterproof camera with him. I’m so glad he did because he never takes pictures of the fun stuff they do together. You know how it is, the shoemakers kids never have shoes sort of thing and I’m left wondering what they did all day.

Toby and Bug's Amazing Day at the Snow

It looks like they had a lot of fun! AND Toby can take hand-held self portraits too! He must have picked that up from me.


They rode the tram up the giant mountain from Palm Springs. It’s beautiful up there.


Great views…

view of Palm Springs

it's so cold!

And snow everywhere!!! This is Bug’s first real experience with snow. We saw a small patch when we visited Washington DC in the spring but this was real snow all over the place. Toby said that Bug kept exclaiming over and over, “It looks like Christmas!” I guess that’s what happens when you learn about snow from television.

a stream!


here I am! giant bones

Toby and Bug

I love seeing her have a good time. It makes missing her not quite so terrible.


  • katie mcmillan

    Tee hee, bethany. I agree — I can completely relate with the “learning about snow from television thing.” My first winter at Cornell was mindblowing, but in a good way. I love the snow. I love the sound of snow. It totally has a sound. Looks like Bug had a blast — she’s such a cutie.

  • Mrs. Wilson

    She would LOVE my backyard. There’s at least a couple feet back there.

    I’m glad Toby took your camera with him! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to miss her, but so awesome that Toby’s doing these neat things with her. She’s a blessed little kid. :)

  • Glenda

    :0 speaking of shoes – in that top picture is Toby wearing two different shoes or are my eyes going buggy!!

    I so remember the tram trips up there and playing in the snow as a kid

    SAJ says: haha! He is in the first photo. He was in the process of changing his shoes when I told them to pose for a photo.

  • JenniferW

    She looks SO happy on her special day. Seeing them smile is about the only thing that makes the missing a little more worth it. I’m glad she had a great day.

  • Kuky

    Glad Toby got pictures. When Alan goes out with Isabelle and I’m stuck at home it’s nice when I get to see what they were up to. And if I’m lucky sometimes Alan will send me a photo while they’re out. Once Alan sent me a video from his phone!

    Oh and we soooo want to go to the snow. I told Alan a couple of weekends ago that we should. But now the kids are sick.

  • Jamie

    That is awesome that she got to go play in the snow with her daddy! :) Glad that you got some great pictures from it too. Yay!
    BTW That owl bag is beyond adorable…where did you get it? I want one! lol

  • a chris

    Awesome. I have a soft spot for snow, being an expatriate Canadian. But what’s really great about this is a fun father-daughter day trip somewhere cool (pun not intended), with a photographic record in the blog continuity to boot!

    I hope you back up your blog. I often wonder about archiving blogs — is there a good way to export a WordPress blog into a printable book/journal form, for example! It would definitely be messy but I bet there are a bunch of attempts at plug-ins for that out there.

  • OMSH

    I love that he took photos. Daddy time is so special–girls need their Daddies, I tell ya. I love the “self-portrait” of them together. She needs one of those framed in her room.

  • BeachMama

    Ahh what a gorgeous snow day. I am thinking that despite the snow it was still rather warm there… I can trade you a trip up the mountains for skating on a frozen canal, complete with frozen toes, hot chocolate and Beavertails!

  • Tresa

    Such cute pics of Bug & Toby. I too love Bug’s owl bag but what really caught my attention: Bugs pink skirt in the snow! Such a girlie girl! :)

  • Emily

    It’s not a learning about snow from tv thing… My son and I live in Maine where there’s lots of natural snow on the ground thru winter. He’s two years old and when we go outside on fresh snow days he immediatly starts saying “merry christmas, hohoho!” Then he insists that it would be fun if i did it too :)