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I’m working on a monster calendar. I thought it would be fun to spiral-bind it on the side and possibly create some kind of stand so that it could sit on your desk. Of course I could make it a pdf too.


Anybody have any special requests?



    Love it! Isn’t there a dryer monster that steals socks so you rarely have all the matched pairs?? LOL! Love the suitcase monster!!

  • Ashley

    I know this is a monthly calendar, but I would LOVE to see your take on a weekly calendar. Weekly calendars that are cute and of a good format are hard to come by.

  • Kaleigh

    I agree with Ashley, actually :] I very rarely use a monthly calendar, but I looove my weekly planner.

    Your monsters are so ridonkulously cute!! You are so talented :]]

  • Kuky

    We’d definitely use a monthly monster calendar. We’re working on Isabelle learning days and months. It’s sort of hard when we don’t regularly have a calendar up.

  • Katie

    You could make me – a pregnant mommie monster…. haha :D I do love the monsters you already have though.. very cute

  • margalit

    Love the monsters. I personally buy a 5×7 calendar book every year, and I would love monsters in such a design Only, I would want a week in 2 pages with a lot of places to write notes and dates. AND, if you are putting holiday dates, can you include the Jewish holidays so people don’t plan things like school concerts on a holy day?

  • Gramma

    Why not paint the walls and put in those shelves you dream about. You could even close off the kitchen at the end of that counter. Use plaster board and finish with molding top and bottom.The back could be where you post your latest or Lena’s latest art work. Yes…about lighting, a fluorescent bulb under the shelves would work just fine. Have a piece of plywood cut to the size of the top of the stove, paint or tile it, and use it for counter space when the stove is not in use. I’m anxious to help you get started..most of what you need is elbow grease. I rarely use my stove top for cooking, mostly my microwave and toaster oven.

  • ~moe~

    This is a great calendar. Would the numbers be in the middle of the boxes like you show them here? I do like space to write so that might confuse me if I’m writing around the number. ;) These are great! Don’t forget the closet monster and the sock monster. :)

  • JennyC.No3

    Just wanted to delurk & tell you that you are always so creative that whatever you decide to do will be awesome I’m sure :) Love the monsters, my daughter would totally steal this from me if I had one! Lol