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red kitchen


Since I’m moving into my Grandpa’s mobile home and the rinky-dink kitchen is a little less than desired, I’ve found myself fantasizing over kitchens like this. Open persimmon walls with warm wooden shelving! Black cabinetry, cute little wooden shelves for a coffee station! I know these are not in my future any time soon but a girl can dream…


  • Susan

    Well I haven’t commented in probably 2 years but I always read your entries. And I have to say I love daydreaming about apron sinks, cabinetry, and new countertops. And I have to say we here in Arkansas are thinking about you, Toby, and sweet little Bug.
    Never stop dreaming!

  • anne

    I’ll bet you will make a beautiful kitchen even out of a rinky-dink one. :) I always find myself fantasizing over the IKEA kitchen too. So perfectly organized and never cluttered. Sigh.

  • Penny

    Long time reader, and first time I have ever left a comment. I just wanted to say that I know you will make your new home lovely. I have lived in many different places. Apartments as a newly married, a mobile home as a young family and three different houses. I have to say, I have loved every single place I have lived. No matter where it happened to be, I tried to make it my own. Also wanted to add, thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way, from Michigan!