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waiting waiting waiting


Poor Bethany is so done being pregnant. I totally remember that feeling. She’s not in pain. Nothing is really happening other than Braxton Hicks that are a tad more irritating than anything else and the fact that the baby likes to stretch out and make everything uncomfortable. Bethany has said more than once that if only the baby would just come out already, she could finally take a full complete breath and maybe just lay down on her stomach for a minute. Oh the bliss that would be! Of course then there would be a crying baby in the mix but at this point that seems like less work, if that’s possible. Funny how that works.

Anyway we are all on pins and needles wondering if every deep intake of breath that Bethany takes could be the one. I sleep in the guest room beneath Bethany’s bedroom and every time I hear the floor boards creak, I wonder if tonight will be the night they’ll finally take a trip to the hospital. The suspense is killing me.

However! I do have a room to paint! So I better get on that.

p.s. I guess I should explain this illo. We went with Bethany to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. We got to hear the baby kick around on this monitor thing that spit out a paper reading of the baby’s heart beat. It was pretty neat at first but then they left us in the room for what seemed like forever, thus the never-ending printout from the baby monitoring machine.


  • mar

    I was totally that woman in your illo – 2x a week for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy! Poor Bethany – I feel her pain! But remember – it’s worth it in the end!

  • Carole

    Oh, I went through all that 2 times a week a year and a half ago. I totally know that last month totally bites, and give all my sympathy to Bethany, but the longer that baby stays in the better:)

  • Kuky

    I saw your illo on Flickr before reading this post and got all excited thinking you made this in the hospital because it was time! I was wrong. But that’s the only time we got that ticker paper thing. Soon enough hopefully.

  • gingermog


    I think if I were ever lucky enough to get pregnant I would find out just how impatient I really am. I guess you just have to keep in mind that all things come to an end and someway or other that baby is going to come out. So glad your there to help out, lets hope baby comes very soon. A long walk worked for my mother, but I guess if any well more well meaning people suggest stuff to Bethany she just may start to throw things.

  • Laurie

    De-lurking to chime in on the pregnancy woes! If I remember, Bethany had Annalie early, so going full term must be a killer!
    And I’m with Bethany, looking after a newborn is WAY easier than being pregnant (for me anyway and I just had twins)!
    Good luck to you all!

  • Ashley

    I hate waiting! I don’t even like waiting for a red light to turn green (although I do) so waiting for both our girls to be born was torture, I can empathize! At least she has you and bug to help pass the time

  • Felix

    Ahh, I remember the never-ending paper spitting out. I got to do that twice a week for two months…up to an hour each time (only upside was that I had an ocean view during it). Ugh! Hope baby comes soon :)

  • a chris

    I remember waiting, and waiting, and then the due date going by, and waiting for two more weeks after that, still getting bigger and tireder.

    But that was a classic first baby, so I’m sure Bethany won’t have that long to wait. But let the babe have a little longer to prep before she has to face the cold (and sometimes too hot) dry world and experience that neverending hunger!

  • Sonja

    I was a bad patient and refused the non-stress tests. Because mine actually were unnecessary (I’m not suggesting everyone refuse them at all times).
    Hopefully, you guys can make the waiting fun — wait — I KNOW you’re making the waiting fun. :)

  • Stephanie M

    I have to ask…is she seriously wearing flip flops in November? I mean, I know pregnancy feet swell and almost nothing fits at that point…but I’ve been in DC in November, there’s no way it’s flip-flop weather! Does she think she’s still in CA? ;)

  • Sam

    The waiting. Oh, the waiting. You want the baby to come, but then you are kinda freaked out about a real baby coming home with you (at least, the first time around). It’s just SO uncomfortable at the end. I feel for Bethany! At least she has you to keep her company as she waits!

  • darci

    Your illo cracked me up, it reminds me of when they hooked my friend to the heartbeat monitor after inducing her. She had the same look on her face.

  • pinky

    I’ll join the chorus of “that was me, too!” I had to have lots of non-stress-tests in my final weeks of pregnancy, so I would be hooked up to the machine with the endless stream of paper. Whenever they came in to assess the results, they would say – “that’s a busy baby you have there.” They were SO RIGHT :-)

  • OMSH

    I remember the absolute JOY of rolling over on my belly after each of my babies popped out. Okay, it wasn’t RIGHT AFTER, but SOON AFTER.

    But yes, that first deeeeeep breath? Nothing can beat that.
    Bliss, I tell ya.

    Bethany, praying for a safe delivery – and a quick one at that!

  • BeachMama

    Oh I remember that alright. If Bethany has the baby in the next day or two would they be home by Saturday so I could meet her? If not tell her to hang in for our visit, we leave tomorrow!

  • silver

    I’m convinced the last month of pregnancy is designed to make women so uncomfortable that they don’t care how the baby gets out, they just want to get the baby out. If the last month were easy, would we be willing to go through labor?