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there’s always time for painting

paint bottles

No matter where you are or what you’re going through, there’s always time for pottery painting. That’s my motto.

the studio

OMSH took us to a little pottery-painting studio about an hour away from her town. It was quaint and cute and totally worth the drive.

Pink Kitty goes everywhere these days

Even Pink Kitty came. She goes everywhere Bug goes these days which might explain why she’s looking a little worse for wear. That poor cat.

The other day Bug was off doing something in OMSH’s master bathroom. She loves that bathroom because it’s big, it has lots of mirrors and it has a pretty pink rug on the floor. A perfect princess bathroom by Bug standards. Anyway, Bug kept calling for me to bring her a towel and I was a bit annoyed with her because I was working on my computer in the schoolroom, and why oh why would she need a bath towel? She wasn’t taking a bath.

“But I’m giving Pink Kitty a bath!” she hollered at me.

“You’re what?!!”

First of all she knows she’s not supposed to give Pink Kitty a bath because we’ve been through this before and real baths for stuffed cats equal crunchy stuffed cats later. Second of all I didn’t hear the water running. This was not going to be good.

“I’m giving Pink Kitty a bath with my spit!” she finally clarified. Duh.

Spit might have something to do with why Pink Kitty isn’t as fluffy as she used to be. Good thing she is machine washable is all I can say. Ew!

something funny is going on


attack hug

So anyway painting was super fun. Pretty much anything is fun with the OMSHes. They are their own entertainment. The kids have all kinds of inside jokes and they break out into song every time anyone says anything remotely near a lyric of a pop song. I am never that fun. Bug is going to be bored out of her socks when we have to go home. Good thing we have a trip to Washington D.C. planned right after this!

Omsh painting

kid corner

searching for inspiration

Maybe the kids get their entertaining sense of humor from their mom.

smush face

painting the Omsh's

Love Bug and me

Comedy aside, I had a really good time painting. I’m happiest when I’m creating. This is a mug I painted with a little squeeze bottle with a needle tip on the end. They’re called mosquito writers, I think. I’ve never used them before and found them pretty challenging, but they’re way better than a fat ugly paintbrush which was my only other choice since I left my special fine-tip brushes at home. I hate it when I do that. But I loved using these mosquito writers. The line is a little wobbly but I kinda like it. The painting is of the OMSH family. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it gets fired.

little raincoat girl

I also painted this little raincoat girl. I painted this one first and accidentally used a thicker-tipped squeeze bottle so the line is a lot thicker. But I still like it. I’m going to put it in my shop when it’s fired if anyone wants to buy it.

Princess Pink and Queen Harley Bug Eye

Bug painted a pink plate with flowers on it, of course. I should have taken pictures of it but I didn’t. Sorry.

color chips Suck it up.

OMSH painted a coffee mug that says, “Suck It Up,” which I thought was pretty funny, since it’s a COFFEE MUG! Hahahaha! I think the OMSHes are rubbing off on me.

And then we yeehawed all the way home.

those crazy Texans


  • Mrs. Wilson

    LOVE that mug. Especially how you can totally tell which one is Emelie. (Did I spell that right?)

    The photo of OMSH and Bug is pretty adorable – man OMSH is looking GOOD!

  • Yara

    I tried to trick my husband into taking me painting Friday night, but somehow (there was coffee involved) he tricked me into seeing a yucky guy movie : O
    I did tell him he owes me one painting session for making me sit through that awful movie… so Im hoping for sometime this weekend. Then, I’m 98% sure I’ll sit there and not know how to start because “my stuff never looks as pretty as Brenda’s or Bethany’s stuff”
    : (

  • OMSH

    For the record, I do NOT have a pink rug in my bathroom – Mr. OMSH would have a stinkin’ cow. I have an old, antique rose rug that doesn’t match anything in the bathroom at all. That doesn’t seem to matter though because I’m sorta a hodge podge anyway.

    ANTIQUE ROSE, not pink.

    …but don’t tell Bug.

  • Melissa

    Looks like a fun time! We have those same writers at my local pottery painting studio and every time I have to ask one of the ladies to get it going for me. They’re so finnicky!

  • Kuky

    Hee hee a tongue bath. Me and my sister would do that to each others toys when we were fighting. Well not lots of licks. Just one lick and oh the drama when that happened. :D

  • gingermog

    Lol OMSh’s family sound lovely and fun.I’m glad your having a good time amongst all this work. By the way, Bug was only doing what a mommy cat would do.. to its kitty, giving it a spit bath! I love the cat plate you give me in the Summer and it hangs pride of place in my kitchen xxx

  • bethany actually

    I am still shuddering, a whole day later, thinking about the spit bath pink kitty received.

    And tell OMSH I am relieved to hear that she has a ROSE rug in her bathroom. I was imagining some pink polyester shag thing and was shocked, simply SHOCKED. ;-)

  • Madge

    ew ew ew spit bath ewwwwww. ewwwww. I’m trying to get past it, I really am, hahaha.

    Something about the raincoat girl reminds me of my Molls. It looks like you guys have been having a good ol’ time. I wish I could hide in your luggage and head off to DC with you!

  • Jennifer W.

    I am glad you ladies are enjoying yourselves and taking care of each other on the road. There is no place I’d rather be than anywhere in the world with my girl. The new banner is beautiful, by the way.

  • ioi

    Is there something wrong with CC’s blog? My feed reader keeps telling me she’s posted, but when I go there, I can’t view her site. Which means I can’t leave her a comment asking her about it.