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Good Times, Good Friends…


The end of my visit here in D.C. is looming and I’m starting to get that gut ache of anxiety, knowing I have to go home and face some big scary changes in my life. I know good things happen to people who make them happen so I am determined not to let this low-lying fear get the best of me but it’s there. Of course it’s there. I keep telling myself that if anyone is capable of this big change, I am. But still, the doubts are vicious.

My friend Heather gave me a silver bracelet that says, “And lo, I am with you always” to remind me that I am never alone. God is with me. The bracelet slides up and down my arm all day long. I constantly find myself fiddling with it, sticking it inside my sweater, pushing it on top, twisting it around and around… I don’t really wear much jewelry normally and all this clinking and scraping on my laptop would usually drive me crazy but now I welcome it’s peskiness. The more I am reminded of this bracelet, the more I am reminded of why I am wearing it. Clink away, silver bracelet!

waiting for baby

So while my anxiety is unrelenting, I am trying to ignore it and enjoy my last few days here. The baby has not come yet and we are all resigning ourselves to the fact that she probably is going to take her own sweet time. The baby’s room is painted (Thanks to Troy! I didn’t help at all. Boo hiss!) and a new dresser (which I helped pick out) has been assembled. It feels so good to walk down the hall and catch a glimpse of a sunny yellow baby’s room just waiting for someone to be born and claim it.

sunny yellow baby's room

little chucks

(Little Chucks!)


This weekend the Beach Mama family came to visit which was really really nice. I might think of this part of my life as a low point but really it should be a high point because now more than ever am I reminded how good it is to have a support network of really good friends who make me laugh and smile and enjoy the day-to-day.

girls rule!


I just wish they could have stayed a little longer!

eager eaters

I almost forgot to blog about our Thanksgiving dinner! We actually didn’t cook a turkey, we had ham. And we had Thanksgiving dinner the day after Thanksgiving because everyone was in various stages of being sick, not to mention we’ve been on baby watch and we didn’t want to be caught up in anything elaborate or complicated if we might have to rush off to the hospital at any minute. But Bethany pulled off some of her usual magic in the kitchen and we had a fabulous feast.

little roasted potatoes balsamic bacon beans

Spiral-cut ham, smashed potatoes, garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes and green beans with bacon-balsamic vinaigrette and the piéce de resistance was the dessert: mini pumpkin cheesecake.

baby pumpkin pies!

Oh my goodness these are so good. If you like butter, cream cheese, sugar cookies and pumpkin pie, you should definitely click over to Bethany’s site and get the recipe. They are wreaking havoc on my secret plan of getting down to a size six, I mean eight…ugh, never mind.


  • Ashley

    I’m sure she’ll arrive right before you leave, making it inevitable that you MUST stay a few more days or months – whatever the new momma needs :)

  • Madge

    I’m a bad bad friend. We haven’t chatted in FOREVER. For some reason I’ve just been assuming you’ve been busy having fun, and I think I’m right :P Miss you lots. Looking forward to having you come home. I know this is a new phase but I’m always around to help.

  • berlin hair baby

    Love your bracelet, what a sweet friend. I know its seems very intangible, but I’m over here in Berlin hoping you get home safely and that everything works out well for you and Bug. Sometimes in life you gotta “feel the fear .. and do it anyway” :-)

  • mamalang

    It’s difficult to face life changes, and especially this time of year. I’m glad you know how many people love and support you.

    And that is the best dresser. We bought one for Bella a year ago and it’s been great for her. :)

  • Shelley Noyes

    Been following your journey–and though I don’t announce myself very often–I think of you and pray for you in all that is ahead of you and Bug. You’ve got a friend in Western NY. :)

  • Kate

    I, too, am a faithful but generally silent blog follower. LOVE that bracelet…what a lovely tangible reminder of a faithful friend and a faithful God. Please know that prayers are going up for you from the cold, cold upper Midwest!

  • elz

    I’m so sorry there is so much turmoil in your life now. You will make the right choices, even if they are hard. A little cheer from Texas here! God Bless.

  • Ninabi

    I’ve been thinking, Hurry, Bethany’s baby, hurry! Darn. You are a good friend to be helping out, especially those last few weeks of pregnancy when the days just drag along.

    The bracelet reminds me of something funny I heard a minister say years ago. He was afraid to fly and was soon to be heading up a group trip to Israel. Someone reassured him that God was with him always and he replied, “But the Bible says, LOW I am with you always so I am doubtful about His presence at 30,000 ft!” and then we all laughed.

    Have a safe trip home. I know you have a lot of changes coming up but don’t forget you’ve built a safety net of friends. You’ve got my email- you’ve got my support as well.

  • gingermog

    Hmm I wonder if that baby will arrive on the day your leaving. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be born in November and fancies being the first day of the advent calender of something. I think being born in the first week of December would mean people don’t lump your birthday present I with your Xmas present would they? Could anybody be so mean?

    Joking aside, I have been thinking of you and your big life changes that are ahead. It must be awfully scary, but like one of your other commenters said you have to breathe. I am a big believer in baby steps, taking things one step at a time and giving yourself space to think. Thinking of you love.

  • Jenn Bo

    I cannot truly comprehend how challenging the events in your life are right now but consider you so strong to move forward on what you know is best for you and Bug. I have watched in amazement at the incredible network of support you have; I can tell by the blogs of others that you are loved and Bug endears herself to all. If collective good thoughts can help, I’m confident you have a whole bunch of readers just like me who are completely rooting for you. You shall remain in my thoughts.


    Thinking of you & Bug as you move forward in this new stage in your lives… You are blessed with many people wishing the best for you!!

  • Sam

    You are so loved! And big change is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy! But good things do come from it.

    Your bracelet is gorgeous! tell me, is it a James Avery bracelet? I have a lovely cuff bracelet (my wedding present, actually) and I love it. My beautiful Other Mother wears several of his bangles and I just love them. Really special pieces.

  • Auntie Keren

    come Home to your Hammock in Hemet.
    P.S. I scrubbed for three hours today. bath, shower, pottys, stove, floor, and counters. Sues had the rugs done. It will be nice, fresh and clean for you.
    Come home.

  • Cathy

    Oh, Auntie Keren makes me a tad weepy for you, so sweet! Just chiming in to let you know that good, positive thoughts are also coming to you and Bug from the SF area. Big hugs and stay strong!

  • BeachMama

    And what a lovely visit it was. I too am sorry we couldn’t stay longer, but someone has to get to work to pay the bills ;)

    So lovely that OMSH sent you your beautiful bracelet, just a sweet reminder that you are not alone. You have such a strong support network, it may be scary for a while until your feet get planted, but you are strong and yes, if anyone can you can. We will all be here in the background for you to lend an ear or help any way we can.

  • s

    what a beautiful bracelet and a beautiful friend you have. Safe travels on your trip home and in the journey that awaits you. It will all work out even if short term things are uncomfortable and scary.

  • OMSH

    I love you.
    I look forward to seeing you Friday.

    And I am SOOOO EXCITED for Bethany. What a great joy – a new baby.


    What a tumble of emotions.
    But HE is with you and HE is able.