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Fall Pop!


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live somewhere where there are seasons. I figure I’m too much of a Californian wimp to handle months and months of snow and sludge but I’m really digging that I’m getting to see other parts of the country during their prettiest times of year. Last time I was in Washington D.C. we got to experience Spring and it was soooo amazing.

amazing tulip flowers giant tulip tree flower Bug in Wonderland garden side of Smithsonian walking back to the car springtime!

Remember these shots? I thought I had blogged them but apparently not.

The cherry blossoms were amazing but what really blew me away were those pink tulip trees. The blossoms were huge and pink and EVERYWHERE! I was very lucky to be here right when winter gave way to Spring. I thought everything was brown and ugly when I got here. That coupled with the traffic problems made me think I’d never want to live here but then I realized that you can put up with a little bit of ugly brown when it turns into amazing color like this. We never see this in California.

leaves with telephone wires


And now here we are in Fall experiencing yet another wonder of color. I know all you locals are probably rolling your eyes just like I do when you flip out over a palm tree. But this is really cool to me. Leaves leaves leaves! They are everywhere! Who needs snow when you have mountains and mountains of leaves to fall into and throw around?

so pretty! goobers



me with leaves leaf!

ready to press

We’ve collected some obviously. We can’t help ourselves. I have great plans of waxing them and then mounting them on cards to send back home. We’ll see if I actually get that done though because of course there are a million and one other things to do. AND! Bethany might have her baby any day now. It’s all very exciting.

8 months

Don’t let Bethany’s expression fool you. She’s about to pop!

p.s. Thank you for all the kind emails. I have a bunch of really sweet and supportive readers. I’m so blessed.


  • mar

    The winter months are a drag, to be sure, but I love the changes – drab winter grays make the pink and greens of spring so much brighter, the dark greens of summer so much richer, and the riotous explosion of fall color is almost enough to carry us through the winter chill!

  • Ashley

    Fall is one of our favourite seasons around here. It’s cool enough to require clothes that cover all the things you don’t want anyone to see, but warm enough you don’t have to wear 16 layers just to check the mail.

    Have fun!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    I’m totally one of those ones who flips out over a palm tree. :)

    I’m glad you and Bug get to experience two of the very best seasons! They are both my favorites. Fall went WAY too fast here and it felt like the trees went from green to bare in only a week.

    I’m glad you two are having a great time there so far and hope that the rest of your time is just as wonderful.


  • Catie

    Aww! We get fall in California! Just not in southern California. I live in San Jose and the leaves are just now starting to change, I love it.

  • Jackee

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way! From the post below, and because I was once in your shoes, you are a very brave brave woman. I’m glad that you are able to experience Autumn in DC. As I live in Indiana, near Chicago, and Fall is my very favorite time of year. I feel energized and creative and full of life and thought provoking spirituality this time of year. More so than any other time. Thank you for sharing your family and life with us “internets”… Your friend is so very lucky to have you and Bug to help her in her time of need.

  • Yara

    I have leaves all over my yard… not as many, but still. And yeah, it isn’t normal for socal… which makes me love it even more.


    That is beautiful… We have fall in Northern CA, but it’s very subtle – not like those amazing pics!! Sending good thoughts your way… :)

  • Gena

    Correction: You never see that in Southern California! I’ve been marveling at the beautiful leaves/trees/colors here in Norcal everyday. You and Bug don’t have to go so far! Though I’m sure DC is a fab escape. :-) Hope you’re finding comfort in your travels. And you can always come here to see some leaves!

    PS–Do you remember where you found those cutie red shoes? I’ve been looking for some for my Bug.

  • OMSH

    When I look at that last photo of Bethany I have to smile. One, she’s a pretty awesome pregnant momma. Next, IT ISN’T ME!

    heh heh

    The photos are beautiful!

  • gingermog

    Guilty as charged for flipping out over palm trees. I agree Fall or Autumn (as us crazy Brits call this season) is beautiful I love all the leaves, especially kicking through big drifts. I’m well into my 30’s and I still love doing this! At the moment its so windy here the trees are leaning at 90 angles ( well almost). I have several weeks ahead of me though of sweeping up the leaves in my tiny courtyard garden else we may loose our cat in a drift (she is enraptured by the falling leaves that play with her). We are surrounded by trees and bushes and they all decide at different weeks to drop their leaves. Its like a game they pay to wind me up. I can spend an hour one morning clearing up the leaves then 5 hours later you can’t tell, they’re back full force. Gallic shrug :)

    V. exciting that Bethany may have her baby any day now, I’m glad you’re staying with her, your a super pal. Have a great day xxx

  • Stephanie M

    Enjoy those leaves, the thing about the weather this time of year is you never know when it might rain and make them all soggy and slick, or (worse) SNOW on them!

  • Ninabi

    Glad you are enjoying the leaves (I love the fall smell about them, too, don’t you?) and enjoying the company of a very good friend.

    I hope all goes well for Bethany and it’s great you are there to help!

  • Kuky

    Playing catch up reading today. Hope all is well with you. I’m loving those colors on the leaves. At the park the other day I tried to make Isabelle one of those leaf crowns. But it was all drab and brown.

  • Kimberly

    I completely freak out over palm trees. I’m that one on the airplane craning her head out the window saying, “ooo! OOO! Look! Is that a palm tree? IT IS!” I wonder how much it would cost to ship a box of East Coast leaves out to SoCal for you? ;)

  • BeachMama

    So happy you are experiencing some Fall!! The colours are so beautiful and although we just had it and most of our trees are bare, there is so much beauty in those colours. Tell Bethany to hang in there just a wee bit longer :)