• MargieK

    My not-so-little-anymore girl (20) had pink cowboy boots when she was that age, too. She was not necessarily a big fan of pink like bug is, but she wore them a lot.

    I have some cowboy boots (tan) that are similar to yours… but they pinch my toes. Couldn’t bear to part with them, so they’re still in my closet; think if I try them on again they’ll fit now? :p

  • OMSH

    I refuse to divulge how many pairs of boots Brenda tried on before she settled on these. I will say it wasn’t 5. Not 6 either. Oh, and it took two of us to lug them back to the back where there was a full-length mirror.

    I’m just sayin’…

    OH. Bug selected hers in .05 seconds.
    They light up.
    Oh Lawdy!

  • Sam

    So cute!! Makes me want to get a pair of my own, but I’m no where near Texas – I don’t think DC has the same shopping options! Any good place online to get a pair?

  • Kuky

    Bug’s boots light up?! Which part? That is very cool. I’m a sucker for light up shoes on kids. Once I almost got a pair of unicorn light up slippers for Isabelle because they lit up.

  • gingermog

    I’m with Kuky (hi Kuky!), I was transfixed the first time I saw a kid with light up shoes. It was at a cinema too, so the little lights looked especially groovy in the dark.

    I’m very impressed with both of your new boots! Especially Bugs teamed up with her tutu skirt. Fabulistic! I think I need Bug to come and help me pick out my outfit in the mornings. I’m looking especially rag, tag and bodkin today. I’m trying to grow my hair out which doesn’t help . I have these ginormous curls boinking out by my neck and my side bits are doing the hoky coky each way. Need the strength to resist going to the hairdressers.

  • anna b bonkers

    Love the boots, heard you were in Texas, (Jen W came to visit me today and filled me in on the news on the biog wide net out there) so I got back online for a few minutes today….I miss blog world! And I love your hair…totally saw it coming!