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Pop Taunted!

the Pop-Tart Haunted House

You HAVE to check out the haunted Pop-Tarts house my nieces, CC, my Aunt Keren, my grandma and Bug and I made for Kellogg’s over on my review blog. It was so fun to put together. I have the best family. My aunt and grandma don’t even celebrate Halloween but they let me construct a giant Pop-Tarts house with all the decorations, make a giant mess in their kitchen and also helped me with making the royal icing because I’m a terrible baker and can’t follow directions worth beans. And I didn’t even let them eat it!

the gang nom nom nom...

Anyway, it’s super cool. Go see!


  • gingermog

    This is made out of pop tarts! Who would have guessed? Roll over gingerbread slabs that break anyway. Pop tarts are way more stable. I am impressed at your families genius and am now inspired to make my own. Woot! fun project!

  • Ninabi

    I like the tall narrow look to the house- it looks Victorian. What fun. My mom (in her 70s) is coming to visit next week.She refuses to own a computer (agghhh) but always relishes me “driving her around the internet” and we’ll be “stopping by” to see all the wonderfully creative things you do on your site specially because she loves Halloween and she loves crafts.

    What a cute house. And cute helpers!

  • Turkeylurker

    Completely unrelated to the amazing halloween house…. you and bug are on PW’s blog!!! How cool is that!

  • Carol

    Very creative! Thanks for such great ideas. I am still drooling over the haunted house you made a few weeks ago. I have two days off next week and I am thinking about challenging myself to pull it off to surprise my little one (even though it would be an adventure having his help!). Wish me luck and please hold me to it. Happy Friday!


  • Kuky

    I am playing catch up reading. That is a very awesome Halloween house. And using pop tarts! Maybe we can do this. Good thing I’m catching up before Halloween.